What's YOUR aquarium lie?

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Then I start thinking: "Who needs and bed? I could sleep on the floor. I could put so many tanks there!"

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Mine is " I am not buying any more fish when I go to the fish store" then I go to the fish store and see a beautiful fish i just have to have. Then the next is " I love how my tank looks " then I see a beautiful planted fish tank and end up remodeling the whole tank.

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Mine is " I am not buying any more fish when I go to the fish store" then I go to the fish store and see a beautiful fish i just have to have.
Same! But since I am a minor my mom has to come in with me to buy a fish and she is like "how many fish do you need?!?!"
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Last one: I'll only be on Fishlore for 30 minutes today.
*6 hours later*

EDIT: "Last one" is probably a lie too...
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“I’m NOT going to feed my adorable begging bettas more food!”
Me right now

I’m glad I bought a 20 gallon tank......should I have bought a 30 gallon??


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"If I could keep my goldfish pond I would give up all my other tanks"
...gets goldfish pond upgrade...(340 gallons+)

Pond August 20.jpg

...buys another tank so I can keep fancy goldfish inside too...

Goldfish tank 8.17.20.jpg
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Yes, mom, I absolutely will remember to clean up the bathroom when I am done water changing.


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"I don't have any more ideas for a tank setup/fish i want to keep!"

"Ok, i swear , i am stopping with 3 albino and 3 super red bn plecos. I swear!!"
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"I need to save money, no unnecessary aquarium related purchases for this month."

I'm in the habit of visiting my lfs weekly so you can imagine how that goes.
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My mum took me to the fish store the other day. My dad thinks I’m to into my fish though, so when my mum and I go to the fish store, sometimes I’ll hide things I’ve bought in my hoodie when we get home and pretend everything is normal. Most recently, it was a trio of guppies for my community.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not disobeying my dad, he would let me get the fish. It’s just that he is of the opinion that I spend to much of my time and money on my fish, so sometimes I just don’t tell him when I buy things. Since it’s my own money that I’ve saved, he isn’t going to tell me I “can’t” buy more fish, he just might advise me against it.
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"Everything is fine"


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"Don't worry, I have plenty of money left from setting up tank #2." Proceeds to go count my money and realizes I'm broke.
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I can get more fish in this tank, I’ll just keep up on more frequent water changes it’s not that overstocked.
I’m going into my LFS for supplies and not buying ANY fish.
Okay I’m done working on the tank. Water is changed, aquascape is fixed, plants are in a good spo- :l
I should feed them more, they are acting so hungry.
I will not lecture the person with a betta bowl on their desk for the next 5 hours.
I can handle that.
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“I don’t spoil my fish”

*proceeds to hand feed a Kuhli some thawed shrimp*
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I have this weird thing about always trying to make my hobbies pay for themselves, so I keep track of literally every single dollar I spend on hobbies, as well as any income that they bring in.

Total spent to date: $273
Total recieved: $441 (~160% of initial investment)
Net profit: $168

Many people say this hobby is a money pit. I tend to disagree!
EDIT: None of this particular post is actually a lie! :p

So, this thread has recently been revived, and I came across this post from nearly a year ago. Here's a little update (all in Canadian dollars, ~$0.80 USD):

Aquarium funds out to date: $642
Funds in: $2738

Worst investment so far: used gravel (so much work, so little return!)
Best seller: frogbit (+$416)
Best investment: 500mL bottle of Thrive (-$25, see frogbit numbers above!)
Favourite hitchhikers: sußwassertang (+$143) and Malaysian trumpet snails (not tracked separately from other snails, but altogether +$243)
Most surprising expense: Ziploc bags (-$18)
Most amusing budget line: "fish poop" (+$30)

Total profit to date: $2096.

I'm not going to lie, it's work. But it's FUN work, and so far I think it's enough to pay for two out of my three kids to go to Disneyland once it opens up, including flights, park passes, and taxes... so I'm going to keep going!


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"No more fish or snails!!" (just let a mystery snail clutch hatch a few days ago, ordered a few rabbit snails and some blue velvet shrimp. But TECHNICALLY the shrimp don't count because they're not fish or snails ;D )
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"I'm supporting the economy. If it wasn't for people like me buying goods & services from small businesses like the LFS, our economy would be in a recession. So you're welcome!"
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"No no no, those snails are gone! I told you I could get rid of them."
*glares at tiny bladder snail inching along evilly*
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"My plants are thriving."

Not. Therefore, I need to change things. Better light? Different ferts? Different and new plants? Finally CO2 injection? It never stops!


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"I am only going to do 1 round of breeding for these fish."
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Yawn, stretch, face the day.... "This is the day I'll clean all the sponge filters in all 5 tanks."

Next day, same thing.

A week later, clean them from 1 tank.

2 weeks later - Today I HAVE to clean those stinking filters...

The 2 in the mystery snail breeding tank are the worst, and this is my very most hated thing to do. Last week when I cleaned them, I couldn't believe how much air came ripping out of them - can't procrastinate so much anymore!
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the ACTUAL last piece of duckweed! ...I think.
View attachment 700824

There was a time I thought about getting duckweed to help keep nitrates down. Then I started reading posts like this about it and passed!
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Same! But since I am a minor my mom has to come in with me to buy a fish and she is like "how many fish do you need?!?!"
Wait where do you live!? Is this always the case?!
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"I just want to upgrade this fry tank and then i will be done!"
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"I'm only sending you tanks on Facebook Marketplace for ideas, I don't think we should get it"

To which my wife replies "Then why have you messaged them!?"
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As I'm currently looking for a second hand tank mine would be:

This is the last time I'm going to check if any more tanks have been added to Facebook market place today...
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I won't expand the number of tanks...
But I was l only lying to myself...;)


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I will never buy another tank. And now I have a 125 G on order.
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“I don’t have room for a bigger tank.”
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Where there’s a will there’s a way
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Urgh. This thread really calls me out in so many ways .

me to husband - you know my tank burst and I need a new one so I’ve found a bargain, can I borrow the van ?
Him- umm, maybe I should drive .
Me- okay we’re going tomorrow setting off at 8.45 to arrive at 11.27, thanks, it’s the last tank I need.

4months later…
Him: what do you want for Xmas
Me: another tank ..


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I can't afford that right now...

(Gets it anyway)
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“Just nipping upstairs to put some fresh water in the little tank, be down in 10”

Often ends up with me disappearing for several hours canister cleaning, water changing, glass cleaning and plant tidying all tanks apart from the little tank I went up to do.
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I swear it's just water change day, we don't need to mess with the planting.

*Usually an hour or two later I'm found with cookie sheets covered in dwarf swords, baby ferns, small rocks and super glue.

It's ok, I'm just going to finish the water change now and then we'll run these to (insert local fish member here) real quick.

*5 hours later the boys and I are usually found in someone else's fish room an hour or two away on a tour or planting expedition...

"It'll just be a quick water change, I swear"
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"I finally got all the duck weed out of that tank!"

(I didn't know it was a lie, and I certainly hoped it wasn't, but guess what?)


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"I finally got all the duck weed out of that tank!"

(I didn't know it was a lie, and I certainly hoped it wasn't, but guess what?)
Way to bring it full circle, Papa!
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I’m NOT getting another tank!
Another goldfish won’t require more care

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