Adding Antibiotics To Fish Food


As someone requested, I've made a video about how I add antibiotics to my fish food. Step by step instructions by Yours Truly. Full of derps and dippy moments, so basically Kevymd in all her awkward glory. Enjoy!



Great video Kevy!
Thank you for taking the time to show us how to add meds to food.

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ooohh wowo..... moved... Stickied? woow...

I'm really trying to make sure it doesn't go to my head...

nope, not working. THANK YOU so much! Its going to sound pretty lame, but its a serious honor to have a sticky thread. I'm so pumped, I'm blushing and giggling and dancing in my seat!

Really seriously though, I hope it helps someone. And if anyone wants to see me make flakes, I can try for a second one. If you have any questions, please message me!


awesome, great informative video


Thank you I always wondered what was meant by soaking the food in meds.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for fulfilling my request and making the video!!!!!


Thank you so much, this is a really helpful post...I mean thread, I mean STICKY! Congrats!
Great video!


Very cool! Great video. I don't use the focus and was advised its a good binder for fish to consume the medication directly when added to tank with out it dissolving in water, do you feel it's needed when mixed with food?


there is the link to the Seachem website about Focus.

Focus™ is an antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish. It may be used alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the loss of medication to the water through diffusion.

This product is not a feed and should not be fed directly. It's intended application is to assist in binding medications to fish food.

So what is says on the website is that the one purpose of Focus is to bond Antibiotics to food. This will make it both more tasty for the fish, and more effective. I noticed on the website also that it said to use a ratio of 5 parts Focus to 1 part Antibiotic, but I think because of the addition of Garlic Guard that ratio can be cut down to the 1:1. I suppose I could make another batch with a 2:1 or a 3:1 ration and see if the fish take to it more than the 1:1 ratio. I will try this and get back to everyone. Its not like I don't have plenty of Focus left, lol.

What is comes back to is, what kind of bacterial infection are you treating? This medicated food is primarily for the treatment of internal bacterial problems. Kanaplex, the antibiotic I'm using, can be used to treat internal and external bacteria and fungus, but again quoting from the Seachem website:

Because it is absorbed by fish it is useful in treating internal infections in those situations where food is refused.

So it can be added to the water instead, to start treatment, and then later added to food to continue treatment. The vet I saw, however, suggested Melafix instead, I'm sure because A) Its natural, and B) to prevent overdosing with the Kanaplex and risking a cycle spike. Also I think the Melafix is cheaper for treating external bacteria/starting treatment.

Hope this helps! Thanks again!


Very helpful! I'm about to start treating one of my platy tanks with Kanaplex, so I'll be doing this. Glad to have someone showing me how to do it.


I'm more curious about the outcome of applying the medicine ow


If by applying you mean in a form of a cream, gel or ointment, I've only seen nitrofurazone available in a water proof gel and it's used to heal ulcers, the product is called koi bandage. Also, you can buy neomycin in ointment from any drugstore.


Thanks for the great video it really helped


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