Is Polishing Filter Media Worth It ?

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by napa15rt, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    Question I was going to add some 100 micron filter pad to my aquaclear hob filter. Does anybody use this stuff. Always seem to see some stuff floating in water. The sponge that comes with the filter seems to have big pores to it like it would let small stuff through.
  2. AquaticJFishlore VIPMember

    The sponges it comes with don’t really do much, I run polyester fiber in all my tanks, along with matrix/ceramic media. Thats all you neat IMO.
  3. NickAuWell Known MemberMember

    Same here but I put the polyester fibre in my filter not my tank, only difference is I use bio home media.
  4. AquaticJFishlore VIPMember

    I keep seeing people talking about this recently, seemingly out of nowhere. What’s so great about it? I hear something to do with DEnitrifying bacteria?
  5. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    Does the good bacteria grow on the polyester fill I assume? So the 100 micron pads I see don't really do anything ?
  6. VeiltailKingWell Known MemberMember

    I use 100% polyester quilt batting in my aquarium filters. It works just as good as filter floss (same material) and it is cheaper for more of the batting.

    EDIT: The quilt batting will hold good bacteria, but you will want to replace it every 2 or so weeks. They get dirty quick.
  7. AquaticJFishlore VIPMember

    Any media will grow bacteria, but the more porous, the better it harbors bacteria.
  8. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    I was just googling about green algae and clear water and it came up.

    I was thinking sponge then polishing pad they sell a huge roll for about 12$ - then the 2 bio ring bags I have in there.
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  9. NickAuWell Known MemberMember

    At the risk of dragging this thread off topic, Sorry mods.

    First up let me say I got about 10 kg of bio home for free.

    Bio Home is sintered glass media and according to the makers of the product after about 6 months Anaerobic bacteria builds up in the middle of the media that deals with Nitrates as well.


    My water parameters are always, Ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate zero.

    If you want to discuss Bio home media I suggest you strat a new post so we dont drag this conversation off topic.
  10. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    Polishing pads, filter floss, and anything similar are meant to be replaced regularly. Their goal is strictly for mechanical filtration, not biological.
  11. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    All good to know. I am looking for more mechanical filtration. I think my bio filtration is pretty strong. Just always see tiny things floating.
  12. NickAuWell Known MemberMember

  13. aae0130Well Known MemberMember

    That’s the purpose of the fine not allow all that little stuff to pass through. However, you need to replace it often as it will plug up the filter and then it will bypass anyway. .....and in the AquaClear that could mean spills.
  14. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    Don't need spills live in a two story apt. I thought the hob has a bypass to prevent water going over the back. Can any one confirm this ?
  15. AquaticJFishlore VIPMember

    It does, but if it’s badly clogged it can only bypass so much.

    I have 13 tanks and I’m in a 3 story condo, lol.
  16. aae0130Well Known MemberMember

    It happened to my ac 110 and my ac75 more than once. When it becomes plugged up the cage that holds the media rises on one side. Sometimes it rises to much and water flows out onto the floor. I started putting tape on the cover to hold it all in. I was using Fluval fine polishing pads over the stock sponge.
  17. napa15rtValued MemberMember

    All really good to know. You think they would design it so that cant happen. The polishing pad material I was looking at says it is only 1/8 inch thick. Would that still clog ?
  18. NickAuWell Known MemberMember

    All filter floss will clog, How fast depends on how much muck it has to filter out versus the size and thickness of the floss.
  19. aae0130Well Known MemberMember

    They do design it to work well with the included media. It’s when we pack it with finer material it plugs up easily.
  20. NickAuWell Known MemberMember

    In most cases the media that comes with filters is rubbish especially those all in one cartridges that have carbon in them.