Amazon Swords

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    Common Name: Amazon Sword
    Latin Name: Echinodorus amazonicus
    Family Name: Alismataceae

    Plant Form: Rosette plant
    Sold as: Bare root or potted

    Placement: Background
    Max Size: Most resources indicate up to 20 inches/50 cm; however, plants grow into tank busters over time, reaching above 30 inches/76 cm
    Plant Location: In deep substrate
    Flowers: Inconsequential; so small that flowers are rarely noticed
    Propagation: Divisions and polinated flowers
    Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: 7.5 or lower
    Supplements: High quality fertilizer and Root Tabs
    Lighting: Moderate to High

    Care Level: Moderate
    Good for Beginners: Yes

    Probably the most common sword plant on the market today. These plants grow into huge tank busters! I have a sword that is 2 years old that is producing many baby plants and takes up 1/4 of my 90G tank and is growing out the top of the tank. Definitely not a plant for a smaller tank!

    Root ferts are a must. These plants are extremely heavy root feeders and will also remove ferts from the water column. It can be difficult adjusting to accommodate a fast growing Amazon Sword plant's needs.

    Because of their size these plants are best as a single specimen and needs a very large tank to enjoy their full beauty.


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