Giant anubias


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Common Name: Giant Anubias
Latin Name: Anubias hastifolia
Plant Form: Rhizome
Sold as: Single plant
Tank Placement: Back-ground in very large tanks
Max Size: 4 feet
Temperature: 60-86 degrees
pH: 5.0-8.5
Growth Rate: Very slow
Propagation:Cuttings off mother plant
Lighting: Any
Supplements: Liquid fertilizers
Difficulty: Easy
Good for Beginner: Only if they have very large tanks

Note: leaves can grow as large as 3 feet long
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Wow, that is one oversized plant!

I have a baby hastifolia plant. Been doing some reading and discovered that they do not grow fully submersed. Wish I would have known that before now!

May I ask how you deal with plant starts if they cannot be fully submersed for long? I need to do something with my plant. It was in a low light tank and never grew. Now it is in my high tech tank and produced a single leaf in a couple of months. Only being 3 inches tall currently, I'm stumped what to do.


Anubias are not really true aquatics in the wild.
They become submerged in the rainy season, but the rest of the year, they are bog plants ( roots in water, leaves immersed).

The plant show was in a 220, with bottom to bottom terra cotta pots, raising most of the stems out of the water. Bottom pot was upside down and empty, top pot was right side up and soil filled. These were 12 inch pots.

They are insanely slow growing. In the 5 years I had this plant, it threw 2 plantlets and 25 leaves. As soon as the plantlets showed roots, I severed them and grew them in light gratings over a 10 gallon ( plant in the air, roots into tank water) and fertilized them using sprayed on orchid food.

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