Fishyfishyfishman’s interview

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Here are some questions!

Favorite color?

Favorite fish you own and favorite fish you don't own?

Scariest memory(if you are willing to share)?

Happiest memory(if you are willing to share)?

Favourite hobby apart from fish keeping?

Favourite tank size?

Any non-fish pets?

Why did you start keeping fish?

What was your first fish? Do you regret it?

How long have you been keeping fish?

What is your favorite and least favorite fish and why?

What is your favorite food?

If you were to meet one fictional character who would it be and why?

What is your favorite sport?

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

What is your current biggest tank?

What are your future tank plans?

Feel free to add other questions!
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I am in class right now and don't have time to respond. I will answer in a couple of hours. Feel free to add more questions in the mean time!
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Okay lets get this started.

My favorite color would have to be pink/magenta (IK weird color because of stereotypes)

Favorite fish I own are celestial pearl danios. Cute, intresting behavior if you know what to look for, amazing color.

Favorite I don’t own would be maybe Rams, angels, or discus, There are also a lot of saltwater fish that I really like.\

I’ll won’t share scariest but a really scary one: Me and my family are part of hunt club of sorts. We have a big organized hunt once a year. I was riding in the bed of a truck while driving around a mountain, we hit a HUGE bump and I fell out of the truck on the steep hill side of the road that goes down several hundred feet if not a thousand down to a river. I fell on a log that kept me from rolling backwards luckily. Didn’t hurt much and it was nothing an Advil couldn’t fix but it was rather scary.

As for my happiest I don’t know what I would say. I will simply pass this one for now.’

Ah my favorite hobby aside from fish keeping. Well, I really like hunting and fishing (ouch IK) as well as reading fantasy books. But gaming would probably top those all.

Favorite tank size... hmm I don’t really know. I have only had experience with a ten gallon and a 14 gallon cube. I would at least want a 55 though.

Oh yes many pets. My mom often calls the house a zoo. We have 3 dogs (four until recently) 3 cats, 2 chinchillas, and one hedgehog.

I don’t know if regret is the right word. My first fish was a betta that me and my mom walked into petsmart and bought. No research one gallon tank etc. I still have him in a ten gallon right now.

If you count properly only around 4-5 months of fish keeping. If you count my betta probably around 8ish But I don’t really know.

My least favorite fish are livebearers. I am just tired of those things. My endlers have always had some sort of issue. They are overbred in Many circumstances I just can’t stand keeping them and plan on rehoming any remaining ones I have soon.

Favorite food would probably be sushi and sea food in general.

If I could meet one fictional character it would probably be Qibli from the wings of fire books. Or another character from that series.

I strongly dislike most sports.

How on earth would I know lol.

Current biggest tank is a 14 gallon cube. I

I want to get A 75 with Angels and pleco(s) for Christmas and a 29 for African butterfly fish and maybe a bottom dweller For my birthday I also am interested in many smaller Killifish tanks.

I feel as if this will be a short interview. How many people could think I am interesting lol. Weird? Yes interesting? Guess I’ll find out.
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Star Trek or Star Wars?

Favorite Star Trek Captain?

Last movie you saw?

Last book you read?

How many streaming services do you subscribe to?

If you love you work is it still work?

How do you get your morning caffeine?
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Star Wars all the way. Never watched Star Trek.

IDK i haven’t watched it.

Adam Project.

I finished Wings of fire book 15 thursday, I am currently reading Amber and Clay and Sal and Gabi break the universe.

around 6 or a little more.

Hmm I suppose technically it is but it just doesn’t feel like it.

If I drink it, biggelow brand vanilla chai flavored black tea.
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feel free. To ask any questions!

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