Hornwort care sheet

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    Common name: hornwort
    Scientific name: ceratophyllum demersum (The Complete Idiot's guide to Freshwater Aquariums by Mike Wickham, Alpha books 1998)
    Origin: native to North America
    Planting zone: floating plant, doesn't grow roots.
    Fertilizers: not necessary
    Growth rate: very fast
    Size: several feet long
    Propagation: trimmings
    Lighting:low to moderate
    Sold as: bunch plant

    Hornwort is a very popular plant in the aquarium trade. It has very fine, soft needle-like leaves bound close together in a circular pattern. Hornwort is very inexpensive, grows quickly, and is rather undemanding. It's an extremely versatile aquarium plant. Many people use it as a spawning mop for killifish and as a hiding place for livebearer fry.

    Although it's a great beginner's plant, hornwort does have a couple of downfalls. When introduced to a tank containing aquarium salt, hornwort will shed all its needles and make a huge mess in your aquarium.

    Overall hornwort is a great, fasting growing, versatile, and undemanding aquarium plant that's perfectly suited to the beginner aquarist.
  2. fishy friend2

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    Hornwort in high light, nutrient rich conditions
  3. fishy friend2

    fishy friend2Valued MemberMember

    your welcome! and thanks for sharing your knowledge on this species of plant. its my favorite becuase it grows fast, its bushy appearance, price, availability, growth rate, helps with territorial species, and its helping with fry saving

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