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  1. Help Identify A Fish Please

    Ok cool thank you I will get a white light tomorrow on the tank a take some new photos Once again thank you for your help
  2. Help Identify A Fish Please

    hi I have brought a fish that the shop says was a green goby but a have be researching a can’t find it anywhere if it doesn’t exists could you please help identify it or have I guess I think it is a bicolour blenny Many thanks
  3. Cleaner Shrimp Shaded Shell

    Ok cool I will do thank you for your help
  4. Cleaner Shrimp Shaded Shell

    hi Today my cleaner shrimp had shedded its shell for the first time should I take the shedding out the tank or is it ok to leave in the tank to rot away Many thanks
  5. Update On Tank

    hi I have had a 15 gallon going for awhile now every think has been stable it was only stocked with a pair of clowns but unfortunately I have lost one a think to old age as the person who had it before me had it a descent time so now as of a few days ago I made a move and added a Azure...
  6. One Of My Clownfish Passed

    hi I have had a pair of clown for three years now I have had no water problems or equipment failure but one of my clown passes I think it was old because it was full size when I got the clown. So now I have a single clownfish in a 14 gallon tank any ideas of what my next move could be with the...
  7. Adding First Coral

  8. Adding First Coral

    Hi I have upgraded from a api kit to Red Sea and the parameters 0 amnmonia 0 nitrites 5 nirates 8.0 ph Yeah with the light a founded one so I reached out to the company and they said it would grow simple coral and it’s a t8 socket which is a bit sad cause a want to go to an led light does anyone...
  9. Adding First Coral

    Hi I have had a tank cycled and added first fish two weeks ago every think is stable how long should I wait to add the first coral Many Thanks
  10. 5.5 Gallon Nano Tank

    What I did was had to clown fish for a year then I upgraded to a bigger tank. You could maybe do that if you are thinking of upgrading Hope this helps
  11. Use Co2 As A Beginner

    Cool thank you
  12. After Disaster What Can I Do To Make Sure The Tank Is Safe To Reintroduce The Fish?

    Did the fish have little white spot on them
  13. Not Sure If Heater Is Failing

    Ok thank you
  14. Not Sure If Heater Is Failing

    I have a 13 gallon plus half gallon filter capacity Thanks
  15. Not Sure If Heater Is Failing

    hi I had a cheap Amazon’s 100w heater in a tank that’s says the heater can do it but a set the heater to 82. And it is only stay at 78-79. Is that a sign of a failing heater so in case a order a more expensive one that is branded. Many thanks

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