Striped Barb Care Guide


Striped Barb
(Puntius johorensis)

Common names: Striped Barb, Banded Barb, Lined Barb.
Size: 12cm

pH: 5.0 – 7.0

Tempº: 22ºC - 26ºC

Tank region: Middle layer

Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia.

Gender: Males have more defined and bolder striped on the body and females are plumper.

Notes: One of the larger Barbs, the Striped Barb makes an excellent choice for a larger community aquarium due to it's peaceful nature. Making no exception from the rest of the Barb family, the Striped Barb is a schooling species and thus needs to be kept in groups in the aquarium to be happy.

The Striped Barb is similar in temperment and behaviour to the Rainbowfish family; and Rainbowfishes such as the Boesmani's make ideal tank mates due to their similar size. However, unlike Rainbowfish the Striped Barb lacks any vibrant colours. This is not to say that this species is unatractive however; it's striped pattern makes for a very natural looking addition to an aquarium.

The Striped barb prefers it's water on the cooler side of tropical, so when choosing tank mates this should be taken into account. Thanks to the fish's peaceful nature however there are lots of potential choices and thus this is a great community fish. Care should be taken when housing the Striped barb with smaller and skittish species like the Neon Tetra however as it's size may spook the smaller fishes. Ideal tank mates include Loaches, other peaceful Barbs, larger Rasboras, Gouramis and the aforementioned Rainbowfish.

Being slightly larger than most other aquarium schooling species, the Striped barb needs plenty of open swimming space. However, plants are also welcome in any Barb aquarium to provide cover when the fish feel threatened. This species is an omnivore and should be easy to feed in the aquarium; taking both commercially prepared and live food readily. Overall the Striped barb is a fantastic addition to the larger aquarium.

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