Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Sheet

Malaysian Trumpet Snail
(Melanoides tuberculata)

Common names: Malaysian trumpet snail, MTS, Malayan trumpet snail, Red Rimmed Melania, Malayan Livebearing Snail.

Size: 2cm

pH: Not below 7.0.

Tempº: 18ºC - 28ºC

Tank region: Bottom layer

Origin: South East Asia

Gender: N/A

Notes: This useful snail is the true workhorse of the Planted aquarium. Not only do the eat algae, but they burrow in the substrate which aerates plant roots and helps stop the development of dangerous gas bubbles.

Since they are livebearers, they don’t leave ugly snail eggs all over the place. However, like many snails, MTS do not need 2 snails to reproduce, so one may become two, until you have a whole army of digging snails!
Left Image: MTS snail can often be seen eating algae on the tank glass.
Right Image: These snails cause no harm to plants.
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