How to set temp when running a Chiller and Heaters

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Hey everyone,
So after my near death experience (for my BTA) following a hot day, I went out and bought a chiller. It is working great, but after a couple of days running it, I noticed that maintaining an ideal temperature is quite difficult with all the equipment we tend to run in our systems, especially with lighting.

Thought I'd share what I'm learning.....

I also noticed that heaters and chillers will try and out compete each other, which raised the question, how should one configure their chiller and their heater so as they don't out compete each other

I started researching (there's that word again ), asking around, searching other forums, knowing that I won't have been the first to ask the question.

Searching other forums, the oblivious became obvious, and I've started to get my head around it.

The concept - MIN and MAX (this is so obvious once I read it sFun_duh.gif)
Set your heater at the minimum temperature you want your tank - this could be 25C/77F
Set your chiller at the maximum temperature you want, less 1C/2F, say set it at 27C/81F

Why the chiller setting? Well, most chillers are configured that they kick in 1C/2F above the set temp, meaning that it will actually kick in at 28C/82.5, and bring it back down to just under the preset temp.

This gives you a working range of:
Min Temp: 25C/77F
Max Temp: 28C/82.5F
Avg Temp: 26C-27C / 79-81F

This is a more than acceptable range from the research I'm doing so far.

Too, when I had my chiller set to 26, it was going nuts trying to keep the temp at 26.

So there you have it, another new toy, another set of learning for the Saltwater keeper

Feel free to discuss.....

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