American Flagfish Care Guide


American Flagfish
(Jordanella floridae)

Common names:
American flagfish, Florida flagfish,
Size: 6cm
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Tempº: 19ºC - 24ºC
Tank region: All layers
Origin: Florida to the Yucatan
Gender: Females have shorter fins than males.
Notes: The American flagfish is a beautiful cool water killifish from the south eastern United States. It is a good tankmate for other cooler water species like White Cloud Mountain Minnows and Bearded corydoras since they are so peaceful. It is a good algae eater, rivaling even the Siamese algae eater in it’s algae eating quality’s.

Jordanella floridae 2.jpg

Jordanella floridae 3.jpg

Jordanella floridae 4.jpg

Jordanella floridae 5.jpg

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