Queen Arabesque Pleco Care Guide


Queen Arabesque Pleco
(Hypancistrus sp.(L260))

Common names:
Queen Arabesque Pleco, L260.

Size: 9cm

pH: 6.0-7.6

Tempº: 23ºC - 28ºC (73 F - 82 F)

Tank region: Bottom layer

Origin: Brazil

Gender: Males have patterning on the belly, females tend not to.

Notes: Possibly one of the most attractive Dwarf Plecos available, the Queen Arabesque demands a high price and is much sought after by Catfish lovers. This Loricariidae is primarily carnivorous, so meaty foods must be fed. However, a small ammount of vegetable matter may be consumed particularly by juvenile specimens. The Queen Arabesque Pleco originates from fast flowing, well oxygenated streams with sandy susbtates and plenty of smooth rocks.

It is a good idea to mimic this in the Queen Arabesque's aquarium, but they can also be kepy in Planted tanks with little difficulty. As with most Plecos, this fish requires plenty of caves and cover to feel secure in the aquarium and the Aquarist should provide for this. Queen Arabesque Plecos are very peaceful; both to cospecfics and other species.

For this reason they can fit into community aquariums; assuming care is taken to ensure that they get plenty meaty foods to sustain them.

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