Purple Cabomba, Red Cabomba, Purple Fanwort

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    I have been cataloging my plants and updating sheets as I learn more about the plant itself. Here is an example of what I have.

    Common Name: Purple Cabomba, Red Cabomba, Purple Fanwort
    Latin Name: Cabomba pulcherrima
    Family Name: Cabombaceae

    Plant Form: Stem
    Sold as: Bunch Plant

    Placement: Background
    Max Size: 24 inches/60 cm
    Plant Location: In substrate or floating
    Flowers: White to Lavender
    Propagation: Cuttings
    Growth Rate: Fast

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: 7.4 or lower
    Supplements: Iron, CO2
    Lighting: Moderate to High

    Care Level: Moderate
    Good for Beginners: No

    Very fine leaves grow in whorls along the stem length. The more light and the more iron the darker the red/purple color develops. A great plant to bring color to a planted tank.

    Plants are not for beginners as they need a solid supplement schedule and constant CO2 supplements to stabilize in a tank.

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