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Pricey Feeding For Pricey Betta

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by MileyMorkie, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. MileyMorkieValued MemberMember

    I got Iycho the plakat and halfmoon crossbreed betta on December 18th 2018. He cost me a good 40 bucks and his tastes are up in price too.
    Recently he's gotten a knack for escargot... I mean snails, killed 5 or so this month alone and that explains his lacking hunger for pellets. He HATES freeze dried blood worms while Yoshiki will eat them no problem. I have plans to put both boys with a divider in my 5 gallon, problem is I don't want my red ramshorn snails to be the main course on Iycho's plate.

    Would eating ramshorn snails kill him (answer this one blunt if you truly know the answer)? Is it best to culture (in a jar) and feed him live fairy shrimp?
    The pellets I feed him are New Life Spectrum.
  2. david1978Fishlore LegendMember

    I have some that eat the bladder snails off the glass. They seem to enjoy it and so far no ill effect on the fish. They are carnivores after all.

  3. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    Nothing wrong with a betta eating snails! It's probably fun for him.

  4. BettaMom98Valued MemberMember

    Just a heads up, freeze dried food carries very little nutritional value and can actually be worse for your betta in terms of bloating because of the fillers it contains.

  5. Smack442Valued MemberMember

    Have you tried feeding your betta frozen foods? Its a little pricey up front, but if you get the cubed packs they last a good while.
  6. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    My imbellis eat parts of ramshorns quite frequently, they're fine.
  7. MileyMorkieValued MemberMember

    @Smack442 been thinking about that for a while. I do have plans for a fairy shrimp culture but yeah I think I'll have to get him deluxe supplies for his needs, lol.
  8. Smack442Valued MemberMember

    I payed about $6US for a 30 cube pack of brine shrimp that I'm feeding my two bettas now. I've had it for about it for about two weeks and have only used about one cubes worth. A little goes along way, especially if you're only using it for one meal a day.

    My boys also get really excited when they see me pull the frozen food out, so it all makes it worth it.
  9. MileyMorkieValued MemberMember

    (Revisiting this because why not)
    I didn't list these as things I have fed him but here are other things:
    Cucumber, peas, once fed him chicken, once fed him a skin tag, deceased fish, and sometimes chicken.
  10. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    A.) Ew
    B.) You should never feed a betta vegetables. They're really not meant to digest that. Why feed a deceased fish? Could you guarantee it didn't die of a disease?
  11. JellibeenWell Known MemberMember

    I was wondering if maybe the OP meant dead fish from the supermarket? I assume that would be fine.

    I frequently catch bugs around my house and outside to feed to my betta. They are naturally insectivores, so if’s a nice treat that is good for them.
  12. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Yeah but you don't usually call a store bought fish "deceased", and the vegetable thing still stands...
    Yeah, my fish eat a lot of bugs too, mainly because I have a broken window, lol
  13. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    Stop being so "xtra." You shouldn't feed your betta vegetables and definitely not chicken either. Keep it basic: pellets, insects, insect larvae, etc.
  14. AbraCadaverValued MemberMember

    Chicken for a Betta? That can’t be healthy. Peas should be fed as a snack, to prevent constipation. Other vegi options, is pointless.
    I feed mine micro worms and brine shrimp (live)
    If you get any type of live worm culture online, you shouldn’t have to spend money on food again if you keep up with your cultures. In fact you could even make money on your cultures.
    As far as snails go, I keep snails in all my tanks and my Bettas sometimes eat them. No I’ll effect so far.
  15. MileyMorkieValued MemberMember

    @Rtessy @scarface @AbraCadaver @Jellibeen
    Just like guppies, goldfish, snails, etc it is highly recommended to feed them peas and this 100% includes bettas/Siamese fighting fish. If you haven't read he cost me $40 and his tastes say a lot. He has had a tumour since the day I purchased him so I have to make the most of his life. They lean more on the carnivore side, yes but I only fed chicken ONCE ok.

    About the dead fish, I don't buy that stuff I never ate it and never will. My dog love Acana brand Cat and/or Dog fish based food but like she'd eat an actual one. I usually hand Iycho the corpses of accidentally killed fish. Example being when I failed to save QUOTE on QUOTE "choking" guppy.

    He's named after a character in a series of games called Corpse Party, so his love of meat makes sense I guess.
    All sources I looked at via searching if certain things are safe resulted in NO actual answer just endless debates with no end point. Before I even got Iycho and Yoshiki I did my research. I originally bought a betta for therapeutic purposes because I have anxiety and autism. I don't ever use these as excuse for things but I do know aquariums and gardening help with stress.
  16. AbraCadaverValued MemberMember

    I said you should feed peas as a snack for constipation... lol. I said, any other vegi option is pretty much useless.
    And like I said, just order a live culture of some type of worms and that’ll fix the issue...
    You can keep worn cultures going forever. In like a week I’ll have some micro worm cultures available.
  17. scarfaceFishlore VIPMember

    Never fed my betta nor goldfish peas. Highly recommended or not, never needed to and if there's no need to why bother? There are better options to deal with constipation like daphnia or even fasting. And again, I do not recommend feeding chicken. Bettas are carnivores, but more specifically, they feed mainly on insects, insect larvae, and other aquatic invertebrates like snails and daphnia.
  18. AbraCadaverValued MemberMember

    I fast mine for 3 days and then feed a pea, and also use epsom salt baths.
    Chicken just seems... not safe, to me. I wouldn’t feed a cheap Betta chicken, let alone a 40$ one.
    I do feed them some chopped up frozen (raw) shrimp though :) anytime I cook with it, they get some
  19. MileyMorkieValued MemberMember

    ok, I'm just tired of being yelled at by everyone (by that I mean not nicely worded criticism). Some of you still have "just started" experience selected, don't know if you guys forgot the fix it or something.
    If your hoping I do creepy bugs or daphnia culture there will be broken containers, I don't that kind of stuff in my bedroom. It has been raining so I will be handing my boys and navy (my guppies and platies) earthworms. I have tried handing Iycho a strawberry, he darted around like a bouncy ball. After my vacations in July and August I will be culturing and experimenting with fairy shrimp, snowball or ghost shrimp, brine shrimp, and sea monkeys to see what my boys like.
  20. TheBettaSushiWell Known MemberMember


    DO NOT feed Bettas fruit or vegetables! Aren’t sea monkeys the same as brine shrimp? I’d just feed some good frozen foods and rotate with quality pellets and some bug bites. If your betta is constipated, fast for a few days, if that doesn’t work, give a quarter piece of a de-shelled pea. They can’t digest it, so it will have to pass right through. Daphnia is a much better option for constipation.

    Giving your betta skin tags and dead fish is disgusting and I would never recommend that. I think you should read up on their diet before going further with your little experiments.