New to keeping GS, questions about TDS/Water Changes, and R/O water


I currently have 3 Ghost Shrimp (Originally 5, I did drip acclimate for an hour.) in an 8.75g Shrimp Tank (Kit from Aqueon) along with 3 Male Guppies who get along quite well, as well as lots of Ramshorn Snails (I added them at the end of the cycle so it wouldn't crash while I was waiting to get the fish and shrimp, they were free from my 20g so win-win.)

I've done my fair bit of research on Ghost Shrimp but have questions about TDS/Water Changes, and R/O water, these are them:
  1. How does TDS play into Water Changes? If the TDS is rising out of the 'safe-zone' for Ghost Shrimp am I supposed to do a Water Change to bring TDS down? I just can't find a clear answer really on how TDS and Water Changes play into each other.
  2. I was looking at getting the R/O Buddie system soon as I hear RO water is best for keeping Shrimp and regulating TDS, but I also hear that tap water is fine for Ghost Shrimp. Is it worth it to use R/O water for Ghost Shrimp? and if it is, what would I need to do to re-mineralize it?
Links to YouTube videos are also appreciated, just trying to find clear and beginner friendly instructions.


Ghosts don't really need the special treatment that neos, caridina, and other ornamental shrimp need. I wouldn't worry about TDS or RO water. I have a 20 gal full of ghosts and I focus on my kh/gh the most. The only time I have had die-offs was when my GH got too high from a Wondershell I'd been adding. Remember that ghosts are bred to be feeders and aren't treated well, so the more likely cause of any issues will be poor breeding and their generally short lifespan.

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