Making My Own 'python' System.

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by Sokonomi, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Sokonomi

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering what it takes to make a system that functions just like the famed Python system.
    It's a great system, just grossly overpriced here in Europe (135 dollars for a 50ft set!).
    So that's my reason for just trying to make one of my own concoction; Can't be that hard, right?

    I've ordered an adapter clamp that supposedly will let me fit a garden hose to my kitchen faucet, but where should I go from there?
    I understand that it needs to split off into two directions, one into the drain and the other to the tank,
    and depending on whether the drain end is closed or not, it will either pull or push water from or to the aquarium end.
    But is there something special about the splitter?
    Does it have to be a T-splitter or will any of the many MANY Y-splitters do the trick as well?

    Anyone here have any experience with this?
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  3. OP

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    Oh, sorry. You never mentioned any of that in your original post.
  5. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    Sorry, but I think I kinda.. did? :p
    Granted, I didn't specifically mention separate parts, but python in general is kinda nutty on the price here.
    I think its because it all has to be imported from the US or something.
  6. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    I am also failing to see the part where you mention that the aerator on your faucet couldn't be removed.
  7. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    Well I did say I bought a gardenhose adapter clamp, so there was already a clue.

    The point is, python is out. Can we please move on now?
  8. kallililly1973

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    does the aerator come off your faucet? if so then just get an oversized hose and use a radiator clamp but that would only help for refilling.
  9. NavyChief20

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    Get a sink to hose thread adapter ($1.50), 3 garden hoses say 15' a wye valve with inline ball valves ($3.25). Boom instant rig.
  10. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    Garden hose stuff seems to be pretty overpriced everywhere, so I went with something a little simpler; Brass couplings and fuel line clamps.

    For the price of a single gardenhose quickfitting I managed to procure all of these on aliexpress.

    [ Screenshot of nondescript shoppingcart removed because 'copyright'... really mods? :bored:]

    2 x Brass barb Inline ballvalve 1,38 usd (x2)
    1 x Brass barb Tee connector 0,94 usd
    1 x Brass barb Straight Joiner 1,08 usd
    1 x Lot of 10 Jubilee hoseclamps 1,62 usd

    Along with the 50ft gardenhose and faucet clip I already bought,
    my whole set will come up to about 27 dollars in total.
    The brass straight piece is for fitting my current vacuum set to it.
    Not too shabby Id say.
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  11. Islandvic

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    Excellent DIY water change system!

    If I can make 1 suggestion that may help with draining.....

    I attach my fill hose to the kitchen faucet to fill our 55g and 75g, similar to what you're ready doing.

    To drain though, I drop in a water pump with the drain hose going outside to water our plants.

    Or just run the drain hose back to the sink or a shower drain.

    I dont have to run the faucet water while draining, as the Python (or DIY Python) system has to, plus it's faster with a pump.

    When the tank is drained, I pull out the pump and drain hose, and start to fill it back up.

    50%-70% water changes are easy.

    I'm sure a cheap generic Chinese aquarium/pond pump can be found on the Euro Amazon, LFS or Aliexpress for €10-15.
  12. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    You cant really gravelvac with a pump though?
  13. Islandvic

    IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    I dont, but technically you could....

    I first run a gravel siphon vac over the surface of my sand and the water collects to a 5-gallon bucket. I'll dump that and repeat again if I need to.

    Then I will proceed to drain the tank with a pump. I use 1/2" ID vinyl hose to drain the tanks, and a drinking water safe RV garden hose to refill the tanks from the faucet.

    But there is a way to integrate a pump in with your gravel vac.

    Joey from "King of DIY" YouTube channel has a YouTube video on making a DIY water polisher out of a pump, a 20oz water bottle and filter floss. Borrowing from that concept, the pump can run the gravel vac.

    Insert some filter floss into the gravel vac and connect the hose into the input barb of the pump.

    Then connect your discharge hose to the pump.

    You can vac the gravel now with the pump while it drains the tank. The filter floss will catch what is sucked up from the substrate and can be disposed of after you're done.

  14. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    I can very easily run a garden hose from my tank to the toilet to have it dump out there, the only problem is getting the syphon started.
    Normally you'd do the scoop method with a bell vac, but I only use a half inch acrylic tube to kinda hover over my fine sand.
    The vacuuming hose i've got now has a squeezyball thing on it to get it going, but its too cheapo to even bother fitting to a gardenhose.
    And I dont think im comfortable with suckstarting a hose that occasionally is hanging in the crapper. :yuck:
    Also, my kitchen sink is too high to just syphon it out through there.

    So I kinda need to find a squeezy pump that can be plumbed onto a gardenhose or something (and doesn't cost a fortune).
    Either that, or just live with however much water it takes to python pump 10 gallons out of the tank. :p
    Yeah yeah, small tank.. But that 100 gallon is already itching. :smug:
  15. Islandvic

    IslandvicWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldn't try to drain to a toilet. To many things can go wrong with that scenario.

    Can it be drained to a shower or bath drain instead?

    The squeeze deal is the primer bulb.

    You can find a cheap barb fitting that screws into one side of the garden hose with a barb end on the other side from a hardware store or from online. They come in both plastic to brass.

    Use that to connect the siphon gravel vac to the garden hose.

    That is what I first used to drain my 75g, until I bought the water pump.

    When I refill my tanks, a 25ft garden hose reaches my 75g from the sink, but I have to attach a short run of vinyl hose using the same barb fitting to reach my 55g.
  16. NavyChief20

    NavyChief20Well Known MemberMember

    Gimme a few minutes and i will take some pics . This will fix all your problems.
  17. jjohnwm

    jjohnwmWell Known MemberMember

    I don't use a Python since I haven't sufficient water pressure to operate one, and certainly can't profligately throw away my well water in any I probably have no business butting in here...but...

    ...surely there is more to the construction of the Python fitting than merely a Tee-junction? I mean, there must be a venturi or something similar to allow the water pressure from the tap to draw water up from the tank, yes? A simple Tee-fitting wouldn't do that.
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  18. NavyChief20

    NavyChief20Well Known MemberMember

    The python is just a bell drain valve and a hose. My version uses an eductor principle but you dont have to leave water running for it to work.
  19. OP

    SokonomiValued MemberMember

    I'm curious, what problems you think might occur?
    Only thing im slightly worried about is sand getting into my house plumbing,
    but im sure I can device something that catches it.

    From what I understand, these work a little different than the ones we have on our gravelvac kits?
    They have springloaded ball bearings in them that locks it down when you don't squeeze.
    I did find one that looked nice, but again, not sure if they would work the same. Do they?

    I've got a hose reel with 50ft on it, and its got a nice little quickfitting nozzle on the side.
    I plan on constructing a regular vacuum tool from normal transparent aquarium hose,
    with a quickfitting on the end so I can just click it on the reels connector to use.
    When im going to refill, ill have another one thats just a hook with a spraybar that I can hang in the tank.

    I might even attempt something with a floatvalve so it closes itself automatically when the tank is full,
    but thats some advanced shenanigans ill worry about later. ;)

    I thought just using a Tee split would facilitate the eductor principle, but I guess it doesn't?
    Id like to see your solution none the less. :p
  20. NavyChief20

    NavyChief20Well Known MemberMember

    Ill get pics after work. I know i said yesterday but my gf wanted to do bbq n beer and who am i to say no.