20 Gallon Tank Dwarf gourami biting fins


I have 2 dwarf gouramis. One is blue and the other orange. The orange has dropsy and can't swim well. The blue gourami is chasing him sometimes and biting his fins. This has currently been happening for about 4 days. The orange gourami doesn't normally chase the blue back. I have plants floating at the top but that doesn't really help. I want to save my orange gourami but I don't want to kill my blue or cause stress to him. I can't return him. What should I do?



Hi there! Personally I think the red one is just bloated, as there is no pineconing on the scales. The dwarf gouramis will bully one another until the weaker one is dead. I think you should re-home one. Most likely the blue one, mainly because that one seems to be the aggressive one. You don't have to return it, you could sell them or give them away to someone online. I also suggest you read up on the aquarium nitrogen cycle, it is extremely important and relative to fish keeping. Good luck!

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