Brown algae

i know its not algae its diatoms but is there something i can add to remove it i clean the sides and decor and do 50 percent cleaning substrat twice aweek i only have 4 tanks with it but only have sponge filters adding aggitation is kinda impractical because i have 40 tanks for breedint etc
A team of Nerite snails will clean it up in no time but the key is getting to the bottom of why its appeared in the first place. Main cause is the tank being new but other factors include too much lighting or not enough lighting (depending on what you read), high silicates, and overall water quality issues.
Phosguard will also work. And you can also increase lighting so algae will outcompete the diatoms. Then make sure you have a cleaning crew that likes algae. More critters will eat algae than diatoms.

I use both tactics in my tank and it’s slowly working. But think it terms of months, not weeks.

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