Broad Leaf, Round Leaf, Anubias barteri

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    Common Name: Broad Leaf, Round Leaf, Anubias barteri
    Latin Name: Anubias barteri nana
    Family Name: Araceae

    Plant Form: Rhisome
    Sold as: Potted or bareroot

    Placement: Foreground or midground plant
    Max Size: 16 inches/
    Plant Location: Tied to rock or driftwood; planted in substrate with the rhisome fully exposed
    Flowers: White, calla lily shaped
    Propagation: Rhisome cuttings
    Growth Rate: Very slow

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: Any
    Supplements: Undemanding
    Lighting: Any

    Care Level: Easy
    Good for Beginners: Yes

    Undemanding plant that is great for beginners. A very slow growing plant. Under high light this plant can pearl and will bloom with constant fertilization dosing; and can produce a new leaf every 10 to 14 days. Under lower light, plant may only produce a new leaf each month.

    Due to their slow growth, plants are very prone to algae. My plants have the most trouble with Green Spot Algae and Black Beard Algae.

    Fish tend to leave this plant alone. Can be grown with goldfish or cichlids. The more voracious plant eaters, such as Silver Dollars, are known to eat the plants.

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