Bamboo Shrimp Care Guide

Bamboo Shrimp
(Atyopsis moluccensis)

Common names: Asian fan shrimp, Bamboo shrimp, Wood shrimp, Rock shrimp, Flower shrimp, Asian filter shrimp, ThaI filter shrimp, Singapore filter shrimp

Size: 8-12cm

pH: 7.0 – 7.5

Tempº: 22ºC - 27ºC

Tank region: Bottom layer

Origin: Southeast Asia

Gender: In mature animals the male’s first pair of walking legs are much larger than his other walking legs, whilst the mature female’s walking legs are all the same size.

Notes: These incredible little creatures are extremely peaceful. They feed exclusively on particles in the water and are harmless to fish despite their size. They are harmful to small bacteria, however. They feed be sweeping their fans around in the filter current to catch microorganisms. When bought in the store, Bamboo shrimp are a brownish color, but when fed enough food and are feeling comfortable they turn a dark red and develop a white line down their back.

They do best in a community tank with small peaceful fish because the detritus in the filter it’s tankmate’s produce are necessary to create enough microorganisms in the filter to reproduce, and the filter carries some of them in the current, strait into the Bamboo shrimp’s fans. It is impossible to breed this species in freshwater, so all the shrimp you see at your local fish store will be wild caught. Sometimes, the closely related shrimp Atyposis spinopsis is sold as Atyposis moluccensis. However, it is not much of a problem as they are very similar in their husbandry and cannot be told apart without the use of a microscope!

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 01.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 03.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 04.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 05.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 06.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 07.jpg

Atyopsis moluccensis - Common fan shrimp - 08.jpg
There is no recommended tank size included in this care guide. I recommend adding that information and having it as 20g per bamboo shrimp.

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