Bacopa caroliniana

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common name-lemon bacopa, bacopa

proper name -bacopa caroliniana

origin-north america

category - stem

care level - easy

growt rate-relatively slow in low light but faster in high light

lighting needs - moderate - high

temperature - 55-85

position in aquascape - mid-backround

PH - 5.0 to 7.5

propogation - stem cuttings

needs added Co2 - no but will benifit from it

needs added fertilizers - no but will benifit from it, and if you do add them make sure you add the liquid ones as this plant isn't primarily a root feeder meaning it doesn't get lots of nutrients from the soil

Bio-This is an easily found, beautiful, hardy, popular aquarium plant that I personally love myself, because of its few requirements and the fact that when placed in the mid ground it adds what looks like layers or dimension to the tank itself. The green colors will compliment lighter colored fish in large schools. I have green this plant from high to low logo and it's been known to d much better in high light so if I were you the. Would only get this plant if you can provide somewhat higher lights. It has been known to turn a light red color in the right conditions. I would recommend this for any setup if you can provide the right things for it. If you can this plant appreciates light liquid fertilization as it feeds through its root feeders out of the sides.

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