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    Pet grocery store lobster

    They wouldn't know, but the problem comes when owners release the pets into the wild, flush it down the toilet, or it gets eaten by some other native animal. The foreign animal is an invasive species that can destroy an ecosystem or carry a disease that native animals do not have immunity...
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    Going back to school tomorrow...

    Don't worry about other people so much. If you are interested in something, then there are definitely other people who are also interested in it too. For example this entire aquarium forum! If someone has a problem with something you like, then you don't want to be friends with them anyway. Just...
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    Fluval heater warranty

    Fluval E Series Heaters are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship under normal aquarium usage and service for 5 years. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all nonreplaceable parts which means that the heater will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's discretion, free of...
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    Medicating and salting tank

    I don't know, saprolegnia is more cotton fuzzy like. These look like actual rounded tumors. The fish have had it for 2 years, if it was fungal, wouldn't it have spread and killed them by now?
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    Good ideas to revamp the 20 high??

    Sounds good. Here is a photo of the actual tank when it was up and running! It was used as solitary confinement when my mbuna were acting up in the 75. Always houses 4-5 mbuna at a time and 2 pictus cats temporarily!
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    Medicating and salting tank

    Man that water looks yellow. I hope that's just the photo haha! If the growths have been there for years it would have already affected their health, and they would've kicked the bucket. So it most likely isn't a fungal infection or something. Most likely a tumor, where nothing can be done...
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    Good ideas to revamp the 20 high??

    Hey, I saw you lived in manhattan. I live in Manhattan as well! I have a spare 29 gallon in good condition I could sell you if interested. It is just sitting there taking up space, but I never have the heart to throw them out. I am in Tribeca. Also, I saw you are a high school student. Please...
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    I think it's time for a new look

    I always like the darker substrate option. I think the fish pop off it more and it gives better depth. Plants look more green IMO. Here is a picture I have in mind while reading this.
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    Juiced / hormoned fish

    What else is there to do when in 2020 and the government shuts everything down haha
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    Juiced / hormoned fish

    Yes it is 2:05 AM here in New York haha
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    Juiced / hormoned fish

    Yes I think I am. Very happy with these fish so far. By the way, I was in a LFS yesterday. I saw this weird rock. I forget to ask them what it was, but it was like a greenish teal, kinda like a sieryu stone. I know that isn't a great description, but have any idea? It was more natural and not...
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    Juiced / hormoned fish

    Thanks for this information! I was really wondering how long they can hold this color. I've been looking everywhere for grade A peacocks and I bought some online from a new seller and was pleasantly surprised. I also went to a new LFS and some looked even better. Then reality sunk in, maybe they...
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    Who switched from community fish to cichlids ?

    Everything sounds good. Just want to give my 2 cents on the stocking options. Demasoni - great choice, similar size to labs, typically low aggression, and the contrast of their colors to the yellow labs are a very common mixture. Definitely can't go wrong here. Perlmutts - great choice...
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    Fin rot

    No problem at all, best of luck! Water changes are the best way to keep your fish healthy not medication! :)
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    10 Gallon Tank Ammonia (?)

    Buy some seachem stability, it will help you from crashing your tank. I don't think you crashed your cycle, if anything maybe it's a mini-cycle due to the increased bioload. Nothing you cant fix with water changes and staying on top of it.
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