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    My air stone broke!

    I have also been told that as long as the surface of the water is being stirred by your filter and/or wavemaker this will adequately oxygenate the tank. I was also told an airstone is not even needed if there is adequare stirring on the surface--I went for weeks with no air stone in a 55 gal...
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    Help Flaming Scallop--care and feeding?

    I have had a beautiful red flaming scallop in my 55 gal tank for a couple of months now & seems to be OK. I add Zooplankton every 2-3 days thinking thats what it needs. Is there anything else I should be doing for this critter other than keep water chemistry in good shape? The reason I ask is...
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    Algae? What Is This?

    I used Red Slime Stain Remover and the stuff was gone in a little over 48 hours. Got it from for a few dollars. Directions are easy to follow. I did two treatments as there was a very little red left at the end of 48 hours. This stuff apparently drops O2 level and pH levels. I added...
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    Question Mars Aqua 165 W LED--What colors to use?

    I recently got a MARS AQUA 165 W LED--it is beautiful and has a large variety of color options. I have no idea what colors to dial in to best suit a Hammer Coral, live rock and a Flaming scallop. Any help?
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    Algae? What Is This?

    Thank you....
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    Algae? What Is This?

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    Brittle Star A Bad Actor?

    My wife says she saw our brittle starfish attacking a small Gobi in our tank---this happened a week after a very small chromis -- 1 inch long - disappeared... We thought the Harlequin Bass ate the poor little chromis, but now have our doubts and are thinking to blame the brittle star... Any...
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    How Many Hours Per Day To Run The Bubble Curtain?

    55 gallon, salt, with hard corals and fish. -- How many hours a day should I run my bubble curtain to keep the dissolved oxygen at the proper level? I have two powerheads running 24/7
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    Petco $1 Per Gallon Sale Is On

    If their website says a fish cost $45, why would they not sell it for $45?
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    Petco $1 Per Gallon Sale Is On

    PETCO in Homestead, FL will not honor their online advertised prices for live fish. They were rude about it too.
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    How To Raise Ph And Lower Carbonate Hardness

    I have some hard corals, clownfish, brittle stars, gobies, chromis, and a watchman tang in a 55 gallon tank pH drops to 7.95--then I add buffer and get it to 8.1--8.14. Two days later it is back down to 7.95. I add fresh seawater at least once a week (5 gallons at a time) from 5 miles...
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    Question Hermit Crab? Keep Or No?

    Yea, thats what I did....---Your advice makes total sense. Thank you,,..
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    Question Hermit Crab? Keep Or No?

    This dude appeared out of the shell today after I had the shell in the tank for several days---I am pretty sure its a hermit crab....I am not sure if I want to/should keep him in the tank. I have clownfish, gobies, a watchman tang, some turbo snails and starting to grow / keep some hard corals...

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