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    Mollies and Angelfish

    I have three mollies right now can I keep two angelfish with my three mollies in a 29 gallon?
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    Can i keep an all male tank of mollies?

    How many mollies can i keeps in a 20 or 29 gallon?
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    How many mollies in a 29 gallon?

    1 common dalmatian, 1 common white and 1 creamsicle lyretail.
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    How many mollies in a 29 gallon?

    I have three mollies in a 10 gallon i’m moving them to a 29 gallon how many more can I add?
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    Mollies and possible new additions

    I currently have a 10 gallon tank with 3 mollies. I am moving this summer and am going to upgrade my tank. Initially I was thinking I want to upgrade to a 20 gallon and possibly add one more molly for a total of 4. Now I’m thinking that I want a 29 gallon and to add either more mollies or some...
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    Molly lost color

    I leave them for the weekend without being medication or sick fish in the tank. There’s been nothing new added either so it’s super strange.
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    Molly lost color

    I left my mollies for a weekend, about 2 and a half days. I just checked the water parameters are good, ammonia and nitrite are 0ppm. My orange (creamsicle) molly appears pale in color and is now more white near the head when before I left he was a bright orange all across his body. Has anyone...
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    Is my Dalmatian molly male or female & do they look ok?

    Is my Dalmatian molly male or female.. and also are they fat or are they a good size for a molly? May need to click on photo to see clearly
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    Dalmatian Molly Male or Female

    Is my Dalmatian molly male or female.. and also are they fat or are they a good size for a molly?
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    Does my nerite look okay?

    i’m new to nerite snails and mine has not moved in a few days.. is this what he’s supposed to look like?
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    Nerite flipped over

    This morning I found my nerite snail flipped over, it has not flipped over. I just now flipped him back over. This is what he looks like, I’m not very experienced as this is my first snail. Does he look okay?
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    10 Gallon Tank, Plants

    Can i have too many plants? Would it be harmful?
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    New Plants

    This is my first aquarium and a family friend gave me some hornwort, frogbit and limnophila sessiliflora. How do i plant all of these or do I float them? I have gravel substrate.
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    Over feeding

    Okay sounds good, yeah definitely isn’t a common occurrence haha! Just a weird accident. One of my fish appears constipated, would anything help with this or just not feeding for a few days?
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    Over feeding

    Okay thank you, my orange guy looks bloated already as he fights for most of the food. How long will it take for bloating to go away?
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