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    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Of course, that'd be lovely.
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    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Thanks, had to go with the puns :D. He did. For about 10 minutes then moved on to his other method of interacting with his environment, total indifference. He is a grumpy and exceedingly aggressive git who can't even be housed with a snail cos he will go for it, but I love him very much.
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    Snail with my betta?

    I don't want to be a negative nelly but one of my Bettas nearly killed a nerite snail by attacking it. I know a lot of people keep them together fine, and my other Betta is super chill and fine with the pest snails in his tank. But Ben is a grumpy git and will attack anything from a pest snail...
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    20 Gallon Tank (20 gal) is this stocking plan ok?

    Depends on your natural water parameters. If you have hard water then I love Guppies. I know they are fairly common but they are cute, engaging, bold and wiggly. Mine come and check out my hand when I'm doing water changes and love investigating anything new in the tank. For softer water Ember...
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    10 Gallon Tank Did someone say Betta glow up?

    Wanted to share my latest Betta glow up with y'all. Warning - the story starts a bit sad. This is The Infishitive, Adam for short, the day I got him in late July: He was sold as a silver veil tail. I saw him on his own, the only fish left in the cups. I honestly thought he was going to die but...
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    Decision making help please :)

    The guppies and rasboras come from two different shops so I don't want to QT them together. May be being paranoid but I'd rather be careful. ☺️
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    Decision making help please :)

    Whoever I get will be going into the quarantine tank for three or four weeks either way. ☺️
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    Decision making help please :)

    Hi all, I have a decision to make I was hoping y'all could help me with. The quarantine tank is up and running and I'm off to the fish shop tomorrow. But am I going to get... Another 3 guppies with beautiful black and silver spots to go into my planted 20g long with 9 guppies and 2 nerite...
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    Large, shallow tanks. Buy? Build?

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look into it. Essentially I want a 40g+ tank that is wider than it is tall.
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    Large, shallow tanks. Buy? Build?

    I've been looking for large, shallow tanks for aquascaping and maybe one day for an Axolotl. But they're really hard to find. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy one? Or if they are as hard to get as they seem to be, any recommendations on building a fish tank from scratch?
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    Show off your fish tank!

    Simple one but I'm really pleased with the grow in on my 5g snail tank. From this: To this: The Hygrophila Rosae Australis has really taken off in the last two months.
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    New 20gallon build - DIY background

    The plants have grown in well now, and the guppies seem to be liking their new home:
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    Need to understand whats going on

    First step, I'd test the tap water. If there's ammonia coming out of the tap you may need to buy in some clean water. Second, once you know you have some ammonia free water, do water changes. 20-50% every day until the ammonia comes down. You do have some nitrates by the look of things so I...
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    Beginner in need of help

    This might help:
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Water changes in all 5 tanks and off to my LFS to find some more life food, some more dried tiny food, and maybe some plants and /or guppies for the new tank that is finally cycled.
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