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    Something to worry about?

    Evening all, I have noticed warping in DIY concrete block stand. Nothing has been filled with water yet, so I presume this is from the the two central blocks on the second level, where there is no central support underneath. The only weight on this section will be food/equipment which can be...
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    Oops...It's getting saltyyy!

    It has been some time now since I had an aquarium in my room. Moving towards larger, 100G+ aquariums has meant my setups have transferred into the man cave. I miss being able to look into an aquarium throughout the day. Trouble is, I was running a 29G with an Eheim 2215 in my room several months...
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    Live Cultures for a Fahaka Puffer

    Thank you guys, lots of useful insight! I was speaking to a good friend of mine and we kinda-sorta made a deal. I'll supply him with the equipment and he'll grow the cultures for me. I'll supply everything required, right from buckets to airline tubing and I'll pay him a small amount for growing...
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    Live Cultures for a Fahaka Puffer

    Hi everyone! I’m starting to plan for my Fahaka Puffer. It will come in at 1” or so, and get around 18” full size. I am trying to plan live food cultures for him/her based on his/her life span. The older it gets, the bigger it’ll get. So far I have thought of the following 1-5”: Pond/Ramshorn...
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    SIP Squish

    Sending a big digital hug your way! Sorry for your loss :(
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    LadfromLondon’s Malawi Build.

    Thought the tank was looking particularly good in this shot. In 3-4 weeks I will be free from university and able to start moving forward with this!
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    150 Gallon Tank 5x2x2 Tetraodon Tank.

    Honestly, my logic is the smaller the fish, the less likely the puffer is to see his/her territory being claimed. Barbs might be too inquisitive for the puffer’s liking, especially Tiger Barbs. It’s a shame because I like them a lot!
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    150 Gallon Tank 5x2x2 Tetraodon Tank.

    Small update. It’s difficult doing anything at the minute, I’m either working and studying 8-12 hours a day at the minute, so it’s pretty hectic! I’ve chosen my Puffer’s tank mates, should it let them live. 100x Cardinals and if he lets the mostly live, maybe some more?
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    Companion fish for a lonely uni student?

    Only me and JettsPapa coming with the Puffer love! Definitely go for a Puffer! They’re cute, intelligent, inquisitive and more!
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    LadfromLondon’s Malawi Build.

    Small update. The stocking is confirmed for the tank. Other than the lack of Rusty Cichlids, this combines all of my favourite Mbuna. This will approximately be 560L total volume.
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    150 Gallon Tank 5x2x2 Tetraodon Tank.

    Just a quick update. A list of potential names has been compiled, I’m still adding to it. Name not decided yet. Figured I’d show y’all where my Puffer will be living. In the man cave, opposite my soon-to-be Malawi display tank. My mini pond, aka a 69L heavy duty bucket arrived today. It will...
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    How do you stay calm while treating sick fish

    Well, firstly know you’re doing the right thing by treating her. Secondly, know that you’re taking the right steps towards helping her recover. You’d be surprised how many people cannot diagnose illnesses and then follow up with the correct treatment. Don’t forget your massive fish family you...
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    Best stand for 20 gallon tall/regular?

    Cinderblock stand? It can be as simple as - Blocks Plywood -Storage space Blocks Plywood Tank It won’t look great, but it’ll hold you inside the tank if you want it to.
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