Oops...It's getting saltyyy!


It has been some time now since I had an aquarium in my room. Moving towards larger, 100G+ aquariums has meant my setups have transferred into the man cave. I miss being able to look into an aquarium throughout the day. Trouble is, I was running a 29G with an Eheim 2215 in my room several months ago which almost flooded the house. Well, it would have if I was not in my room at the time. This triggered me to move my tanks outside the main house and in turn, the larger setups too. I still had one stand left over, which was collecting dust just having my PS5 resting on it. I moved this as close as I can to my bed and gave it a good wipe down last night. I've attached a picture below. Oh yeah, ignore the Costco-Pothos setup. I had nowhere else for it :D

So here is my solution!

30x30x30 Rimless Cube. 27L, roughly 7US. Low Iron. Heck if anyone knows anything about me, it's that I cannot not have a rimless tank. It has to be low iron too :D I will purchase this later today and it will be here on Wednesday.
Seachem Tidal 75. It's brand new and been sitting in storage a few weeks. Now I have made a use for it. Who said I'm not resourceful? :D I will only use this for mechanical filtration.
Sun-Sun JVP-110. 2000L/H. Yet another thing I purchased 2 of these months ago but the cables turned out to be too short for my larger setups. See, I'm resourceful ;)
Fluval E Series 50W. Mainly because I like the design, partly because I want to purchase as reliable equipment as I can for my first SW tank. I will probably install this onto a Inkbird temperature controller.
No idea!
Live rock:
No idea! Maybe Carribsea LifeRock.

The build:
In between a pico and nano reef tank. Some clean up crew, one fish. No more, no less. I'm doing this because I can no longer fight the battle between me and me. Falling asleep watching the corals sway in the water is just a mood.

Lots of research between planning this and this coming to fruition. I'm looking to repaint my bedroom in the coming months too, so I probably will not start cycling the tank until the room has been painted. I know I should go bigger than a 30CM cube, but I'm just too paranoid after the incident before and let's no forget, nano tanks are so cute! If you're STLL concerned, my 96L quarantine tank (60x40x40) will be right next to this tank, sitting empty. Unless I have new arrivals of course. That is an alternative should I face problems with my current build. Oh, it's rimless and low iron too :D (I told you everything has to be rimless and low-iron didn't I :D

Let's go!


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Just remember that saltwater contains far less dissolved oxygen than freshwater. Thus, small tanks like 27 L will only be suitable for such things as shrimp, corals, and other invertebrates and perhaps a single small fish.

Saltwater fish and invertebrates are much fussier about stable water parameters including temperature than freshwater, so be careful with a small tank. If the room temperature fluctuates between winter and summer, you might even want a second heater in case the first one fails.

As for lighting, that depends up what you plan to put in the tank. If you are keeping a FOWLR tank (fish only with live rock), you do not need a lot of light. Soft corals need more light. Hard corals need intense light. Thus, figure out what you want in the tank and then chose your lighting accordingly.

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