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  1. The shared double rack system

    I used two primed lines only 1/4 tubing and run mine as a drip system and runs perfectly.
  2. The shared double rack system

    With the two siphon tubes running they would exceed the exit tube volume from your design I see. I don't think your issue is with the two 1/2 siphon tubes its with the 1/2 garden hose. If each siphon ran into separate drain lines would increase flow rate.
  3. Stubborn Limescale

    I tried everything on one 10 gallon and could not remove the stains, I learned next time that a water line on a used tank is impossible to remove. FYI I tried, razor, magic eraser,lime,lemon,alcohol,scrubbies,vinegar, and then any chemical i had in house and every tip on the internet and water line...
  4. The shared double rack system

    I have made a few of those over flow set ups and your drain reservoir looks pretty low at the back I think you will lose prime eventually.
  5. Question Matten filter

    I have 4 corner mattens running on shrimp tanks love them. I ordered an affordable large mat off ebay and cut my own. I use 3 watt 80 gallon chinese pumps behind them instead of air and completely silent. I plant moss in them and you would not notice them especially with corner matten you don't lose...
  6. What are you doing to your tank today?

    Wish I could see pictures they still have not fixed the app yet been months.
  7. Question Best 10 gallon tank equipment?

    I'd suggest a corner matten filter with a 3watt chinese pump behind it. They require pretty much zero maintenace about every 1- 2 years and mine all perfectly quiet.
  8. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    If I had an immune deficiency I would order my groceries and take the chance on the person picking my order and the one delivery guy vs all the other people. I'm cautious and spray packages with H202. Well one side may argue crazy while the other side lives another day but, really this is the...
  9. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    Doesn't it deliver they do in Canada.
  10. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    The company I am apart of has food distribution in Calgary and the warehouse is getting pretty far behind. I am told replenishment of many items will be two weeks out and many longer. I personally have frozen veggies and canned goods you will not go wrong in my opinion. If you can wait two weeks...
  11. Celestial pearl danios

    I've used blood worm or live food and a cup with moss in it so when they drop eggs into moss you can catch the eggs. You will need to remove the moss and cup into a grow out tank or else the parents will eat them.
  12. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    Canada will deny entry to people who aren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Monday in Ottawa. The American land border will remain open and Canadians abroad can return into the country, but the door is being slammed close on visitors from elsewhere.
  13. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    Well a death every 3 minutes in Italy today I just read on the dailymail. So don't panic a bit misleading in my opinion.
  14. How often do you change your water?

    2-3 % per day on automatic.
  15. DON'T PANIC! - What the CDC and others say about COV-19

    Package only takes 24 hours to get to me.

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