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Saltwater Aquarium Models - Tullock

Recipes for Creating Beautiful Aquariums That Thrive
By John Tullock, Wiley Publishing (2007)

Saltwater Aquarium Models

Saltwater Aquarium Models by John Tullock was published about 5 years ago but it is still somewhat popular in book sales. This saltwater aquarium book provides the hobbyist with your basic saltwater aquarium setup information and also gives you around 45 different model designs with stocking suggestions. Each of the model designs gives the recommended aquarium size, components needed like live rock, live sand, lighting recommendations, fish ideas and any special care requirements for the particular model design.

Saltwater Aquarium Models is around 270 pages and is printed in black and white with about 15 pages of color photos in the middle of the book. The topics covered in this book are below.

Part 1 - Saltwater Aquarium Basics
  • Chapter 1: Caring for an Aquarium - sources of saltwater specimens, choosing a local pet shop, purchasing fish based on collecting practices, selecting healthy fish, making rational purchasing decisions, ordering fish by mail, saltwater aquarium water chemistry (salinity, pH, alkalinity, calcium, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, copper, nitrogen compounds), physical and chemical cycles, biological filtration (aquarium nitrogen cycle), foods and feeding, routine aquarium maintenance, aquarium test kits, using a service.

  • Chapter 2: Bringing Out the Best In Saltwater Aquariums - guidelines for design, selecting marine invertebrates and fish, quarantine tanks, acclimating new arrivals, developing a stocking plan

  • Chapter 3: Making Your Aquarium Look Real - space limitations of tanks, tank proportions and tank habitats, aquarium lighting, backgrounds, aquascaping, substrates, inspiration from nature, live rock, live sand, micro invertebrates.
Part 2 - Saltwater Aquarium Mechanics
  • Chapter 4 - Understanding Invertebrates - recognizing relationships, aquarium roles, utility invertebrates, anemones, filter feeders, etc.

  • Chapter 5 - Nuts and Bolts - Built-In installations, free standing installations with electricity, lighting, maintenance and aquarium filter tips for both.

  • Chapter 6 - Troubleshooting - combating saltwater fish disease and parasites, invertebrate problems, preventing problems, algae control problems.

  • Chapter 7 - Basic Setup Procedures - provides your basic saltwater aquarium setup instructions along with tank location, tank support, filling the tank, plumbing, water movement, lighting, testing, adding salt mix, aquascaping with live rock, DIY substrates and letting the habitat settle in.
Part 3 - Saltwater Aquarium Model Designs
  • Chapter 8 - Basic Low Maintenance Designs - maintenance requirements, filter requirements, system components and 11 different tank design ideas with stocking suggestions.

  • Chapter 9 - Biotope Tanks - reef biotopes, coral reef zones, reef tank setup types, system components like lighting, filters, water movement, water changes, monitoring, saltwater supplements and 20 plus biotope design ideas with stocking lists.

  • Chapter 10 - Small Tanks - special considerations for small tanks, nano tanks and about 10 small tank design ideas and stocking suggestions.

As the title suggests, this book is mostly about different saltwater aquarium models or design ideas. If you're looking for some hardcore details on setting up a marine aquarium you may not find it all that useful. But if you're looking for something to stoke your creativity this is a pretty good book. It will give you lots of ideas on tank setups. It is also available on the Kindle too for around $9 or in paperback for around $15. I give it four stars: 4 stars

Author : Mike FishLore

Rating Information
Review Title: Saltwater Aquarium Models
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Recipes for Creating Beautiful Aquariums That Thrive
Description: This saltwater aquarium book provides the hobbyist with your basic saltwater aquarium setup information and also gives you around 45 different model designs with stocking suggestions.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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