Rummy Nose Tetra

Updated August 5, 2019
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The Rummy Nose Tetra is a popular choice for live plant keepers and Discus fish keepers. The rummy nose is very peaceful and can make excellent community tank mates if housed with similar sized and non-aggressive species.

The do best in schools of 6 or more and may stress if not provided with hiding places and aquarium plants (plastic or real). They have a red colored nose and it can be quite striking to see a school of them swimming around a tank.

Hemigrammus bleheri Hemigrammus bleheri


The Rummy Nosed Tetra can be sensitive to pH fluctuations so take more time during acclimation and during water changes.

Hemigrammus bleheri Hemigrammus bleheri

This is one of three species that can be easily mis-identified because they all look very similar. There is the True Rummy Nose (Hemigrammus bleheri), the Rummy Nose Tetra (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) and the False Rummy Nose (Petitella georgiae). The H. rhodostomus and P. georgiae grow to about 3 inches (8 cm) whereas the H. bleheri only reaches about 2 inches (5 cm). The H. bleheri will also have more red coloration on the head and appear thinner than the other species.

For fish food, they are omnivorous so try to give them a varied diet. They will accept flakes, frozen, freeze dried and smaller live foods.

Hemigrammus bleheri Hemigrammus bleheri

Rummynose Tetra Care Details

Scientific Name : Hemigrammus bleheri

Common Names : Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra, Firehead Tetra, Red Nose Tetra

Care Level : Easy to Moderate and can be fairly hardy if acclimated properly. Be careful during water changes to avoid extreme fluctuations in water parameters like pH, salinity and temperature.

Size : 2 inches (5 cm)

pH : 5.5 - 7.0

Temperature : 72°F - 80°F (22°C - 27°C)

Lifespan : 3 - 5 years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Amazon River. Rio Negro floodplain, central Amazonia

Temperament / Behavior : Very peaceful and should be kept in a small school (shoal) of 6 or more.

Breeding : They have been bred in captivity and are egg layers. Requires water on the acidic side of the scale.

Aquarium Size : 20 gallon minimum (keep in small schools)

Tank Mates : A very peaceful fish thats best kept in a small school. Try not to keep them with aggressive fish or fish large enough to eat them such as angelfish and Silver Dollar. Often kept with Discus.

Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease

Diet / Foods : An omnivore - provide a varied diet with live food, frozen food and should accept flake food.

Tank Region : Middle to bottom

Gender : Can be hard to determine, female may be more full bodied

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Rummy Nose Tetra Comments

From: Dave Shultz
These fish do best in discus tanks with temperatures around 84 degrees F.

From: Chris
I was shocked when I found my rummys schooling with my neons! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

From: Chris Ramo
I currently have 4 of these and they are delightful. Extremely peaceful and do enjoy to stay in a certain area in a tank, with no agression involved what so ever

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