Grouper Fish Species

Updated September 23, 2018
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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There are several saltwater grouper species available to aquarium hobbyists but most of the groupers get too big or too aggressive for most home aquariums. Given their potential adult sizes (12 inches plus), feeding requirements and tank requirements most hobbyists can and should take a pass on these groupers.

If you do have a large aquarium and can provide the necessary foods and water quality the groupers make excellent pets. They are fascinating to watch and have lots of personality.


Coral Grouper
Cephalopholis miniatus
Coral Grouper
To keep a Coral Grouper you are going to need a tank that is 180 gallons or larger for long term success and plan on feeding them feeder fish, larger shrimp, pieces of chopped up fresh fresh or thawed fish, etc. If you want to keep them with other large fish then you're going to need an even bigger tank.
Panther Grouper
Cromileptes altivelis
Panther Grouper
The Panther Grouper can get to be about 27 inches (70 cm) when fully grown and they eat like it's going out of style. To adequately keep them you should be thinking about a 300 plus gallon aquarium (1135 liters).