Saltwater Basslets

Updated September 23, 2018
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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The saltwater basslets can be a good candidate for smaller tanks because they only reach a few inches (3 to 4 inches) in size. They may fight with conspecifics (same species) so only keep one to a tank unless it is a very large tank. They can be territorial and will appreciate a tank with lots of caves and hiding places provided by live rock. Some may bother or pick at invertebrates so they may not necessarily be reef tank safe.


Blackcap Basslet
Gramma melacara
Blackcap Basslet
Gets to around 4 inches and needs at least a 30 gallon aquarium or larger.
Royal Gramma
Gramma loreto
Royal Gramma, Fairy Basslet
You need to give this fish many hiding places to help make them feel secure. They can be quite active and are great to watch if given the proper tank environment.