Pictus Catfish - Pimelodus pictus

Published August 6, 2019
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The Pictus Catfish (Pimelodus pictus) is a very active catfish species that gets to around 4 inches (11 cm). Even though they are on the smaller side they still need at least a 55 gallon tank or larger to allow for adequate swimming room. You can keep them with other pictus cats or similar sized fish species. They may eat smaller tetras.

pimelodus pictus pimelodus pictus


Pictus catfish are not all that picky when it comes to their fish food and should accept flake fish food, catfish pellets or sinking catfish wafers. Give them live brine shrimp or thawed freshwater foods (cube packs) ocassionally. This catfish will bring lots of activity to your tank.

Use care when transferring them due to their very long barbels and sharp spines on the dorsal fin and pectoral fins.

pimelodus pictus pimelodus pictus pimelodus pictus pimelodus pictus

Pictus Catfish Care

Scientific Name : Pimelodus pictus

Common Names : Pictus Cat

Care Level : Moderate

Size : Up to 4 inches (11 cm)

Water Parameters : pH 6 - 8 | Temperature : 71°F - 77°F (22°C - 25°C) | Water Hardness : 5° to 18° dH

Lifespan : several years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Amazon and Orinoco River basins

Temperament / Behavior : They are very active but not all that aggressive and can be kept with similar sized tank mates. May eat smaller tetras.

Breeding : No info at this time on breeding.

Aquarium Size : 55 gallons (210 liters) or larger given that they are active swimmers.

Tank Mates : Similar sized fish species with similar water requirements should be fine.

Diet / Foods : A good tropical flake food or catfish pellet food, sinking wafers. Add in some live or thawed brine shrimp or blood worms from time to time.

Tank Region : Bottom to middle

Gender : Females that are the same age as males are larger.

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