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Updated August 6, 2019
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The Neon Blue Goby is a fish that has the function of cleaning other fishes in the wild. This little neon goby removes small parasites from the other fish and perhaps that keeps them from being eaten by larger fish. The larger fish recognize the service the Neon Goby provides and usually leave them alone. They have black bodies with an electric neon blue stripes running the length of their body.

Elacatinus oceanops Elacatinus oceanops

The Neon Goby can get aggressive with other gobies in smaller tanks but you may get away with keeping multiples in larger tanks, especially mated pairs. If you do have a mated pair and good water conditions you may be able to breed them in your tank. Both parents will guard the nest and protect the eggs from the other fish in the aquarium. It may be a good idea to separate the parents and eggs into their own tank if this happens. Because they are relatively easy to bred, many places are now offering tank raised gobies for sale.

In the home aquarium it is unlikely that this fish will get the sustenance they need from cleaning their tank mates and they will need to be fed. They should accept most carnivore (meaty) marine fish foods and may even be conditioned to go after flakes.

As mentioned previously, Neon Gobies will develop their own territory in the tank. Having live rock and/or live sand in your aquarium will help make them comfortable and it will provide them with hiding places and maybe even food sources.

Many of the Neon Gobies are coming from aqua-culture facilities and saltwater fish disease may not be an issue with this fish. However, take the proper pre-cautions and use a quarantine tank before introducing them into your main tank. You never know how many tanks your fish has passed through before you buy it!

Neon Goby Care

Scientific Name : Elacatinus oceanops

Common Names : Neon Blue Goby, Neon Cleaner Goby

Care Level : Easy

Size : Up to 2 inches (6 cm)

Life span : 2 years or longer

pH : 8.1 - 8.4

Temperature : 75°F - 82°F (25°C - 28°C)

Specific Gravity : 1.020 - 1.025

Carbonate Hardness (dKH) : 8 - 12°

Origin / Habitat : Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and sometimes tank bred varieties are offered for sale

Temperament / Behavior : Can get aggressive with other gobies but should leave other fish alone. It is thought that their blue stripe is a signal to other fish that they are cleaners and not to eat them.

Breeding : This fish has been bred in the home aquarium. Parents will defend the eggs / nest.

Aquarium Size : 30 gallon (114 liters) minimum

Tank Mates : Avoid keeping them with other gobies.

Fish Disease : Saltwater Fish Disease - Diagnose, Symptoms and Treatment

Diet / Foods : Omnivorous, try to give them a variety of marine foods. They should accept vitamin enriched flake foods, frozen and live foods. Frozen marine carnivore mixes that come in cube packs work well.

Tank Region : Usually stays close to its chosen territory in the live rock or substrate.

Gender : Difficult to distinguish between male and female.

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