Blue Tetra

Updated August 6, 2019
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The Cochu's Blue Tetra (Boehlkea fredcochui) is also commonly called the Blue Tetra. It is one of the smaller tetras and is not as widely available in the U.S. as in some other parts of the world. They need to be kept in schools like other tetras with a 20 to 30 gallon being about the smallest fish tank size to start with.

Hint, they look great in heavily planted tanks!

The Cochu's Blue Tetra gets to be about 1.6 inches (4.1 cm) and they are generally considered easy to care for in the home aquarium. Like other tetras they can become fin nippers but keeping them in groups may help to limit the amount of fin nipping in your fish tank.

Blue Tetra


Blue Tetra Care

Scientific Name : Boehlkea fredcochui

Common Names : Cochu's Blue Tetra

Care Level : Easy

Size : 1.6 inches (4.1 cm)

Water Parameters : these are the water parameters you want: pH 6 - 8 | dH range: 5 - 12 | Temperature : 73°F - 82°F (23°C - 28°C)

Lifespan : 3 to 4 years

Origin / Habitat : South America, Amazon River basins.

Temperament / Behavior : May be fin nippers when not kept in appropriately sized aquariums and when not kept in large enough schools.

Breeding : Egg scatterers and the parents will eat the eggs. Eggs need slightly acidic conditions for better hatch rates.

Aquarium Size : 20 to 30 gallon recommended (schooling fish)

Tank Mates : Keep them in groups of 5 or more to limit the fin nipping. Should do fine with other species when kept in a small school. You obviously don't want to keep them with fish big enough to eat them.

Diet / Foods : Give them a high quality micro pellet type food (like New Life Spectrum pellets) or flakes. Supplement with live or thawed freshwater fish food preparations (cube packs).

Tank Region : all over the tank

Gender : Males will be thinner with bolder colors than females.

Photo Credit: Ille Faut (wikimedia)

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