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Plankton Culture Manual

By Frank H. Hoff and Terry W. Snell
Publisher: Florida Aqua Farms (2007)

Plankton Culture Manual

The Plankton Culture Manual is now on the sixth edition and it has been around for a long time. Originally published in 1987 it was republished due to demand in February 2007. This book is geared towards aquarists, aquaculturists and students that want to learn everything they can about plankton culture. It is not too long but not too short either, at about 185 pages. It is jammed packed with text and just enough images and diagrams to keep it interesting. The material can get a bit dry in parts but the authors do a fine job of keeping the reader's interest while covering relatively challenging subjects. For the up and coming breeder you may find this book a great investment in your hobby or trade.

The authors start by explaining the aquatic food webs and the role plankton plays in this web. They then go into microalgae identification and plankton cultures that you can pursue. They definitely go into great detail on every topic covered. I found myself having to re-read in places just to make sure I understood the info presented. There are excellent diagrams and charts throughout the text that highlight what is being covered and I found those to be very helpful.

Topics covered:
  • Chapter 1: Aquatic Food Webs - The role of phytoplankton and zooplankton.

  • Chapter 2: Utilization of Plankton - Rules when using live foods, sources of various products, and the utilization of plankton.

  • Chapter 3: Microalgae Identification - Observing microalgae using microscopes, classification of microalgae, keys to the genera found in the manual, contaminants, photomicrographs.

  • Chapter 4: Microalgae Culture - from here on out in each of the chapters that follow on cultures, they cover everything you ever wanted to know about how to grow your own. Everything from where to get starter cultures, the equipment needed, nutritional requirements, chemical requirements, contamination, growth rates and patterns, and the various procedures on growing each. There are also very helpful troubleshooting sections at the end of some of the culture chapters.

  • Chapter 5: Rotifer Culture

  • Chapter 6: Ciliate Culture

  • Chapter 7: Artemia Culture

  • Chapter 8: Copepod Culture

  • Chapter 9: Daphnia Culture

  • Chapter 10: Clam and Oyster Veligers

  • Chapter 11: Amphipod Culture

  • Chapter 12: Mysid Culture

  • Chapter 13: Micro Worm Culture

  • Chapter 14: Literature Cited

  • Chapter 15: Conversion Tables

This book is very in depth and covers all the bases. I give this book 5 stars - 5 stars.

Written By : Mike FishLore

Rating Information
Review Title: Plankton Culture Manual
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Book review of the Plankton Culture Manual.
Description: The Plankton Culture Manual is geared towards aquarists, aquaculturists and students that want to learn everything they can about plankton culture.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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