Past Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners

The past winners of the "Fish of the Month" and "Aquarium of the Month" photo contests. In August 2008 we also started a Betta of the Month contest too. There was a pretty good response so we kept it going for a while. But then it tapered off and now we are back to just having a fish of the month and a tank of the month. Here are all the past fish and aquarium photo contest winners. Enter your pictures today for a chance to have them on the Fish Lore Photo Contest Hall of Fame!

My fellow fish nerds, the Fish Lore Photo Contest Hall of Fame!

October 2006 Winners
Pleco Aquarium of the Month

November 2006 Winners
Seahorse Aquarium of the Month

December 2006 Winners
White Betta Aquarium of the Month

January 2007 Winners
Guppy Aquarium of the Month

February 2007 Winners
BettaAquarium of the Month

March 2007 Winners
Freshwater ShrimpAquarium of the Month

April 2007 Winners
CichlidAquarium of the Month

May 2007 Winners
DiscusAquarium of the Month

June 2007 Winners
Clownfish and AnemoneAquarium of the Month

July 2007 Winners
BettaAquarium of the Month

August 2007 Winners
PlecoAquarium of the Month

September 2007 Winners
Oscar Fish Planted Aquarium

October 2007 Winners
Blue Ram Cichlid Temple of the Barbs Aquarium

November 2007 Winners
double-ray combtail betta 70 Gallon Tropical Community Fish Tank

December 2007 Winners
Female Kribensis Angelfish Garden

January 2008 Winners
Bolivian Ram and Easter Island Statue Colorful Aquarium with Fake Plants

February 2008 Winners
Ram Cichlid Relics beneath the waters

March 2008 Winners
Yellow Tang Mystic Swamp Planted Tank

April 2008 Winners
Betta Tropical Fish Tank

May 2008 Winners
Bicolor Angelfish Betta Tank

June 2008 Winners
Blue Tang Lake Malawi Cichlid Tank

July 2008 Winners
Jack Dempsey Cichlids Reef Tank

August 2008 Winners
White Betta Mbuna Show Tank Betta of the Month

September 2008 Winners
Bolivian Ram Male 120 Gallon Planted Tank Betta of the Month

October 2008 Winners
Green Spotted Puffer 29 Gallon Planted Tank Betta of the Month

November 2008 Winners
Yellow Cichlid 180 Liter Planted Tank Blue Betta

December 2008 Winners
False-julii cory 75 Gallon Community Fish Tank

January 2009 Winners
Half Moon Betta 20 Gallon Long Fish Tank

February 2009 Winners
Koi Angelfish 12 Gallon Saltwater Bio-Cube

March 2009 Winners
Puffer Fish Face Osaka Cichlid Aquarium

April 2009 Winners
Red Betta 20 gallon planted puffer tank

May 2009 Winners
Pufferfish Freshwater Aquarium

June 2009 Winners
Half Moon Betta 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium

July 2009 Winners
Blue Discus 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium

August 2009 Winners
Blue Marble Plakat Betta 33 Gallon Fish Tank

September 2009 Winners
Male Jack Dempsey 75 Gallon Fish Tank

October 2009 Winners
Discus 70 Gallon Planted Fish Tank

November 2009 Winners
Betta 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium

December 2009 Winners
Betta 38 Gallon Tank

January 2010 Winners
Discus 75 Gallon Planted Fish Tank

February 2010 Winners
Betta Fish Tank

March 2010 Winners
Clown Goby Angelfish Tank

April 2010 Winners
Betta 75 Gallon Reef Tank

May 2010 Winners
Mandarin Dragonet Fish Planted Fish Tank

June 2010 Winners
Halfmoon Betta 30 Gallon Fish Tank

July 2010 Winners
Lace Veil Angelfish 29 Gallon Krib Tank

August 2010 Winners
Jack Dempsey 55 Gallon Planted Tank

September 2010 Winners
Betta 40 Gallon Planted Tank

October 2010 Winners
Discus 75 Gallon Planted Discus Tank

November 2010 Winners
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 29 Gallon Planted Tank

December 2010 Winners
Betta Planted Angelfish Tank

January 2011 Winners
Blue Ram Cichlid Jewel 180 Bow Front Aquarium

February 2011 Winners
Corydoras Malysian wood and moss 5 gallon betta tank

March 2011 Winners
Angelfish Eating 180 gallon clown loach tank

April 2011 Winners
Albino Oscars 20 Gallon Planted Tank

May 2011 Winners
Blood Parrot 26 Gallon Bowfront

June 2011 Winners
Bolivian Ram Cichlid 90 Gallon planted aquarium

July 2011 Winners
Jaws 10 Gallon Zen Tank

August 2011 Winners
Blue Ram Cichlids Fish Tank

September 2011 Winners
Oscar ADF Tank

October 2011 Winners
Snail 55 Gallon Fake Planted Tank

November 2011 Winners
Tiger Shrimp 110 Gallon Rainbow Fish Tank

December 2011 Winners
Male Ram Cichlid 20 Gallon Fish Tank

January 2012 Winners
Yellow Tang Clownfish Tank

February 2012 Winners
Lionfish 125 Gallon Community Fish Tank

March 2012 Winners
Lionfish Planted Community Aquarium

April 2012 Winners
Betta Planted Community Tank

May 2012 Winners
Red Cherry Shrimp 10 gallon dirted tank

June 2012 Winners
Panda Goldfish Planted Tank

July 2012 Winners
Butterfly Koi Planted Tank

August 2012 Winners
Parrot Cichlid 110 Gallon Planted Tank

September 2012 Winners
Red Eye Fish Aqua One 850 165 Litres

October 2012 Winners
Blue Jelly Shrimp Planted Aquarium

November 2012 Winners
Goldfish Planted Aquarium

December 2012 Winners
Apistogramma Trifasciata 55 Gallon Aquarium

January 2013 Winners
Goldfish 55 Gallon Aquarium

February 2013 Winners
Percula Clownfish Fluval Edge 6.6 Tank

March 2013 Winners
Neon Red Lobster Planted 29 Gallon Tank

April 2013 Winners
Dwarf Gourami 10 Gallon Aquarium

May 2013 Winners
Blue Rili Shrimp Freshwater planted nano

June 2013 Winners
Frog Riparium

July 2013 Winners
Betta Planted Tank

August 2013 Winners
My Sunshine Yellow Benga peacock 5g Amano and RCS tank

September 2013 Winners
Axolotl Planted Tank

October 2013 Winners
Betta 55 Gallon Fish Tank

November 2013 Winners
Four Eye Angelfish Planted Tank

December 2013 Winners
Patriotic Betta Planted Betta Tank

January 2014 Winners
Axolotl Planted Aquarium

February 2014 Winners
Betta 100 Gallon Community Aquarium

March 2014 Winners
Lionfish 10G dwarf puffer jungle

April 2014 Winners
Pufferfish 120 Gallon Planted Tank

May 2014 Winners
Freshwater Angelfish 20 Gallon Planted Tank

June 2014 Winners
Blue Ram and Assassin Snail First Tank

July 2014 Winners

August 2014 Winners

September 2014 Winners

October 2014 Winners

November 2014 Winners

December 2014 Winners

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