Nano-Reef Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Reef Systems Under 15 Gallons
By CR Brightwell
Publisher: TFH (2006), Hardcover

Nano-Reef Handbook

The Nano-Reef Handbook was an exciting purchase for me because it had been awhile since I had read my last saltwater aquarium book. The popularity of smaller saltwater aquariums is increasing all the time. These tiny pieces of the ocean we keep on our desks are getting easier to keep due in large part to the amount of information out there. It makes sense that someone should write a book that tries to encapsulate all the various aspects of running one of these tiny reef tanks.

What exactly is a "nano reef"? All of our tanks could be considered "nano" using the literal sense of the word because they all are very tiny reproductions of the ocean environment we are trying to capture. But for discussion purposes a nano (in our opinion) is generally considered anything under 20 or 30 gallons (75 - 115 liters). The author of this reef book considers a nano reef tank setup to be anything under 15 gallons.


So, what topics are covered in the Nano-Reef Handbook? Let's go over them.

Part 1: The Nano Reef System

Part 2: Livestock

Part 3: Nano Reef Setup

This book is about 175 pages long plus a glossary of terms and references. Although it's on the thin side content wise, the author does a nice job of presenting the essentials for a new reef tank keeper. You may need to supplement your reading if you're interested in some of the more advanced topics since the author just touches the surface of some of these advanced topics for your understanding. The purpose of this book is to explain a standard nano reef tank setup and all the topics that includes. Overall this is a pretty good book and we give it four stars. 4 stars

Rating Information
Review Title: Nano Reef Handbook
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Book review of the Nano Reef Handbook.
Description: This book aims to teach saltwater novices the proper care and setup techniques for those interested in keeping a nano reef tank.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Visitor Reviews and Comments

From: Jenny B.
I have this book and thought it was really good. It introduced me to all of the topics that I needed to know about, although I already knew about most of them. I liked the fish profiles the best. Finding fish species for our nano tanks can be challenging.

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