List of Great Threads on FishLore!

Published March 25, 2022
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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This is a list containing some of the best threads and articles found on the forum and website. The forum is a treasure trove of information and hopefully this helps hightlight some of those gems. You can make recommendations here: Great threads on Fishlore.

Acclimating Fish to Your Aquarium

0 Nitrates Is So Easy, Why Does No One Do It?

Easy Aquarium Siphon Instructions

14gal Nano Reef Build

180 Gallon Build

3 Stages of Filtration and What They Do

470 gallon plywood tank build

75 gallon aquarium journal

7 Breathtaking Aquariums Around The World

A Beginners 55 - Aka My 2nd Big Mistake

A Beginners Guide To Plant Fertilizers

Adding Antibiotics To Fish Food

ADF Tadpole Development

Advice on Growing Rotala Macrandra

Guide To Getting Plants To Turn Red Or More Colorful

Common and Comet Goldfish Care Guide

Albino Dantumn Angels Breeding In Coralbandits Fishroom and More!

Algae eater with male Betta?

Algae Management and Algae Myths

Algae problems and how to deal with them

Amano Shrimp Larvae Growth Progress

Ammonia Instructions when Cycling with TSS+

Angelfish Breeding Pictures

Angelfish Gender Examples

Angels Planted 40b Build

Any Artists Here?

Anyone have any tricks for reducing filter noise?

Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

Aquarium Abbreviations and Acronyms

Aquarium Filter Gallons Per Hour Filtration

Aquarium Life Hacks

Aquatic Photography - A Personal Experience

Aqueon Vs. Python: What do you think?

Are real gemstones ok for decor?

Aussie's Freshwater 2ft Cube - Planted Cave

Back In The Game...

Best Aquarium Filter Brand (poll)

Betta Photos

Biz's Black German Ram Breeding Journal

Black Sand Comparison: Spectraquartz, Ceramaquartz, Black Diamond Blasting

Bonsai tree 90L planted Betta tank

Canoe Pond

Cichlid Breeding Station & Growout

Cobalt Blue Discus

Columnaris Symptoms And Treatment

Common Discus Strains & Abbreviations

Contemplating Canister Filter, Best To Get?

Coral Fragging - Zoanthids

Corydoras FAQ

Crab intruders? In my house?

Culprits Journey Into The Dark Side

Dechlorinating Water While Using The Python Water Changer

Diaries of a North Dakota Tank

Dioaquatics Fishroom

Discus Gang Updates

Discus Straight Out Of Malaysia

Dividing a tank for and low cost

DIY 55 Gallon Tank Stand

DIY Acrylic 15 Gallon With Dual Aqua-Bridge

DIY Acrylic Tank Refinish -- Before and After

DIY Aquarium Rack Build Journal

DIY Filter Floss

Diy Media Guide For Top Fin Silenstream, Aquaclear And Other Hob Filters

DIY Plant CO2 Mix Experiment

DIY Sponge Filter!

DIY Super Cheap Ultra Mini Vacuum and Water Changer

Does bacteria in a bottle really work this fast?

Dog Photos

Petco Dollar Per Gallon Tank Sale

DoubleDutch's tanks and fishies

Do you recommend a vacation feeding block?

Driftwood Notes

Dwarf Gourami Photos

Early fish keeping mistakes

Easy DIY PVC lighting upgrade

Easy First Tank Setup & Guide

Eheim Classic canister filters - a guide to setup, maintanence, tips and tricks

Every Answer I Get Is Different

Excited About House Plants

Feeding Different Fish, Getting Frustrated

Feeding Fish frozen foods?

Feeding shrimp cooked vegetables

Filter Flow Diffusers

Fish In Nitrogen Cycle Simplified

Funny Fish Memes

Fish Tank Open Bottom - How is it done?

For Beginner Discus Keepers

Freshwater refugium tank?

Gamers, what Are You Playing?

Garden Hose tank siphon/refill

Gravel to sand change with fish

Growing Out The Juvenile Discus

Guppy Photos

Guru Badges

Hold the Antibiotics! Overuse and Resistance in the Aquarium Hobby

Homemade Fish Food Recipes

Homemade Spirulina Wafers

Homemade veggie rounds

How Do You Stop Fish From Getting Stuck In The Filter?

How I Set Up for Taiwan Bees

How I Ship Live Fish

How Long Can Fish Go Without Filter?

How Long Can Fish Survive Without Food

How long does it take for a fish to recover from Ich?

How long is it safe to go w/out a carbon insert in the tank filter?

How Long Can Fish Survive In Store Bag?

How to cultivate microworms

How To: Culture Daphnia

How To Get Rid Of Camallanus/nematode Worms

How To Grow (Most) Carpeting Plants

How to propagate Amazon Sword (with pics)

How To Properly Ship Fish?

How To Regenerate Seachem Purigen

How To Replace The Top Frame Of An Aquarium

How To: Slow Down Current From A Filter

How to tell the Tailtype of your Female betta

How would you describe your fish tank smell?

Humane method of Euthanasia for sick fish

Ich Life Cycle and Natural Treatment

I Made A DIY Aquaclear Refugium!

Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

Instructional video on how to aquascape

Is Driftwood Needed For A Bristlenose Pleco?

Is Freeze-Dried So Bad?

Is Polishing Filter Media Worth It?

75 Gallon Aquarium Setup

Jesters Progress On 90 Gallon Reef Tank Upgrade

JLs Aquascapes and Fish

JL's Aquascaping Compendium

Johns DIY auto-temp fast/easy fill system

Johns DIY siphon system

DIY 3D Background

Lchis Saltwater Build - 10g To Im25 Lagoon!

Let me poorly draw your fish and inverts

Lets see some pretty fish!

Lets Talk Photography!

Light Hours Per Day For Planted Tank?

Lighting Reviews Top Picks

Make a breeder box?

Make your own Chiller

Medications, ingredients and fish disease treated

More On Aquarium Photography

My Aquaponics setup

My Discus Collection

My DIY Python type Water change system

My DIY rock wall!

My RO/DI System Setup

My very first saltwater aquarium - 190 gallon

Narts Budget Nano Saltwater Guide

Narts Lagoon Build - Round 2!

New 125g Community - Stump Driftwood Planted Build

Newb To Saltwater Tank Build

New Discus Shipment!

Oh to be a cat

On Aquarium Fish Photography

Pictorial guide of hitchhikers

Plants with Rhizomes

Please! Keep UP With Water Changes For Your Fish!

Plecostomus Photos

Polymer Clay Aquarium Safe?

Ponzll's 3d Printed Aquarium Goodies Thread!

Prepare your aquarium for power outages

PSA: Something I am seeing more and more often, fishless cycling...

Q & A With Tetra about Tetra SafeStart

Ram Cichlid Photos

Rebuilding my entire fishroom

Researching betta breeding... Came up with this guide

Review of Nitrate Reducers

Saltwater Acronyms

Seachem Fertilizers And What They Do

Show Me Your Ten Gallon Fishtanks!

Show off your fish tank!

Size - eye versus stomach

Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

Snail Jello (Snello) Recipes

Starting A 125 Discus Tank

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium: Part 1

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium: Part 2

Starting a Saltwater Aquarium: Part 3

Starting Fish Keeping - List Of What You Need To Own

Stellas Salty 20g

Step by Step guide to breeding Bettas

Stocking List for 10 Gallons

Stocking List For 5 Gallon Freshwater Nano Aquariums

Stop my fish from entering my filter?

SunSun Cannister - UV or no UV, that is the question!

Symptoms of a Stalled Fishless Cycle and How to Fix it

Tank turnover theories

Tfreema's 125g Build

The Fishkeepers Warchest

The jar/bowl thread

The Rock Vinegar test and what it means

Tips on egg care

To Use the Spray Bar or to Not Use the Spray Bar?

Trying to compile a master list of aquarium-safe DIY materials

Trying to compile a master list of aquarium-safe DIY materials

Tutorial - How To Clean A Quietflow Filter Motor

Understanding pH, KH, GH in Home Aqauriums

Using Carbon In Filters

Using Potassium Permanganate

Washing and adding sand to a tank

What are you doing to your tank today?

What are you guys feeding your fish?

What Kind of Fish Do You Simply Not Understand Why People Keep?

What Kind Of Silicone Should I Use To Reseal Aquarium

What is the most you have ever paid for a fish?

Whats the next fish you are getting?

Whats the worst aquarium product you've ever bought?

Whats YOUR aquarium lie?

What is Your Most Useful Non-aquarium Tool (for Aquarium Use)?

What TV shows have you recently watched?

White Butterfly Discus new pics

White Film On Driftwood?

Why Are Fish-in-cycles Frowned Upon So Much?

Why Filter Floss & Micron Pads? Explained

Wild-life photos

Wondering what everyone looks like?

You might be a fishkeeper if...

You might have MTS if...

How To Build a Saltwater Live Rock Wall

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle - New Tank Syndrome

Going on vacation tips

A Guide to Breeding Angelfish

Algae Management and Algae Myths in the Planted Aquarium

All About Endlers Livebearers Care, Class And More!

Aquaclear H.O.B. Filter MOD

Aquascaping Tips and Tricks for a Beginner

Simple way to prevent cross contamination in your tanks

Betta Proofing Your Fluval Spec V And Similar Filters

Betta - Tips of Keeping

Blackwater: Basics and FAQ

Bleach dip for new plants

Caring For Your Snails Shell

Difference between pond and bladder snails

Angelfish Care Guide

Freshwater Shrimp Keeping

How to Acclimate

How To Clean Seachem Flourite Black Sand

How to take better photos with your phone

Neocaridina (Red Cherry Shrimp) Basics

Ultimate Guide to Producing Good Videos

Using Outdoor Decor