Goldfish Complete Pet Owners Manual

Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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Everything about aquariums, varieties, care, nutrition, diseases and more with full color photographs
By Marshall Ostrow, Barron's Pet Owner Manuals

Goldfish Owner's Manual

The Goldfish Complete Pet Owner's Manual written by Marshall Ostrow and published by Barron's is a rather quick read and you can get a copy online for around $10. The books from Barrons are usually fast reads and can get a new hobbyist up to speed on all the basic information on the topic at hand. If you want a more detailed book this goldfish book probably isn't for you. It is more general in nature and doesn't go too deeply into any one subject but rather touches briefly on a lot of subjects related to the keeping of goldfish.

So, what all is in this book? Below is the list of sections and what is included.

A Home for Your Goldfish - Fishbowl or aquarium, choosing a location for your tank, the right aquarium setup

Aquarium Equipment - the aquarium cover and aquarium light, heater and thermometer, aquarium filter, air pump and accessories, gravel and fishnets

Aquarium Plants - why are aquarium plants important, live plant vs. plastic plants, needs of plants, arranging aquarium plants, plant varieties for the aquarium

Setting up the Aquarium - preparing the aquarium equipment, putting the tank in place, installing the filter, filling the aquarium, remaining equipment, starting up the system, how to decorate your aquarium (aquarium aquascaping)

Goldfish Varieties - flat-bodied goldfish, egg-shaped goldfish, the Koi

Selecting Goldfish - finding a good pet store, looking for signs of disease or injury, one variety or a mixture, goldfish and other fish species, selecting pond fish, a note on goldfish pools

Aquarium Maintenance - selecting quality equipment, aquarium maintenance, checking equipment, water changes, fish food and feeding, do you need scavengers, avoid crowding, know your goldfish, how to move goldfish

Treatment of Diseases - polluted water, freshwater fish disease, white spot disease, velvet disease, anchor worm, argulus, fin rot

Understanding Your Goldfish - shape and structure, how a goldfish swims, how a goldfish breathes, how a goldfish perceives (interesting thoughts here), how a goldfish eats, sleeps, goldfish colors and sociability in goldfish

Information - further resources, societies and organizations.

Overall, I think the beginner to goldfish keeping will get most of the information they need to successfully keep a goldfish in an aquarium from this book. There are some pretty good pictures in it too that could help you decide on what variety you would like to keep. For the price and information it gives, I rate the Goldfish Owner's Manual from Barrons four stars: 4 stars

Rating Information
Review Title: Goldfish Complete Pet Owners Manual
Reviewed by: Mike FishLore
Summary: Book review of Goldfish Complete Pet Owners Manual.
Description: This book is more general in nature and doesn't go too deeply into any one subject but rather touches briefly on a lot of subjects related to the keeping of goldfish.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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