Updated August 13, 2019
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Mah Jong Medley Puzzle Game

Mah Jong Medley Game  Mah Jong Medley Game 2  Mah Jong Medley Game 3 

Mah Jong Medley puzzle game has 300 layouts and 4 ways to play your favorite Mah Jong Medley puzzle game!

One of the most popular board games, Super Mah Jong now has a big brother; Mah Jong Medley. Now you can choose from over 300 layouts, all distinctly original, ranging from super easy to extremely challenging.

Mah Jong Medley has 4 game modes to choose from. Classic mode allows you to play like you've always played Mah Jong Solitaire. Select two tiles that add up to ten in Ten mode. Move up to two tiles out of the way in Free Cell. Rearrange tiles in numerical order in Addiction mode. Now you have 4 exciting ways to play Mah Jong. Get your free trial of this puzzle game now!

Mah Jong Medley Features

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