Updated August 13, 2019
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FishCo Aquarium Game

FishCo Game

FishCo aquarium game lets you buy fish eggs, raise the eggs into adulthood and them sell them for a profit. You can also breed fish, buy plants, meds, etc. and then sell your fish in your own fish store. This game is somewhat similar to Fish Tycoon but FishCo introduces levels of game play that get progressively more difficult. Needless to say this game is quite fun and very addicting, especially for fish lovers.

You and your business partner, Tracy, own an aquarium shop where you must breed and raise freshwater fish to sell. Progress through 40 exciting levels in Action Mode, or play at your own pace in Relaxed Mode, while you unlock new fish and plants, upgrade filters and lighting, and purchase food and medicine to keep your fish healthy and happy! There's also Sandbox Mode where you can customize your own tank! Tou are well on your way in the world of professional fishkeeping!

The graphics are excellent but your computer will need to meet the minimum requirements listed below:

FishCo Game Features

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Game Cheats, Comments and Tips

From: Shell
Finally a good game for fish keepers! FishCo is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other pc games you can download like the match 3 type games. Ugh. This game though is already one of my faves and I'm only about half way through it! Love the way you can breed species and then hop back and forth between the breeding tank and store tank for selling. Tip: don't worry so much about the algae growing on the glass as the water changes which are much more important. Try this game, you'll like it!

From: Marc
This is a lot of fun and I'm not they type that is usually into these computer games. My kid's really like it too even though they are not as into the real fish as I am. I don't play it much as I'd like to simply because one of the boys are always playing it. I'm on level 5 or 6 right now and I just got the chance to breed the livebearers.

From: Armaan
This is really a great game. I love to breed fish, sell fish, feed fish and all that stuff. This game is addicting and fun to play. I enjoyed playing it a lot and I hope that all of you will also enjoy it.

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