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Fish Tycoon is a virtual fish breeding game. The object is to breed and cross breed fish until you find the 7 Magic Fish and solve the genetic puzzle. You will have to buy supplies like meds, eggs and special plants and then sell some of your fish in your virtual pet store. If you have enough money you can buy new supplies and customize your virtual aquarium. You will have a blast becoming an Aquarium Tycoon.

In Fish Tycoon these are your fish, and like real fish, you need to take care of them. Feed them, cure them if they get sick, breed them and make lots of babies! Sell some of your fish in your store and with the money that you earn, buy supplies, special chemicals and ornaments to customize your own tank.

This game is really original and provides some very interesting real-time gameplay.

Fish Tycoon Tips

These are just some general tips that we discovered while playing this fun aquarium game.
  • Get the research out of the way as soon as possible. Research Food, then environment, then advertising for your fish store.
  • Use the species button frequently. Once you put a fish in the small isolation tank you can click this button to get family tree information as well as a suggested price. You can modify this price but probably shouldn't move it too far in either price direction from the default.
  • To get money quickly, figure out which fish command the highest prices and breed them exclusively. Try to get the second tank as soon as possible so you can get two breeding batches going.
  • Do not overfeed your fish! Overfeeding them could have adverse affects on their health.
  • If a fish develops a disease, you will need to make a decision on whether or not to cure them or euthanize them. For the less expensive fish, curing them may not make sense financially because the medicine costs way more than the fish does.
  • Don't get the unusual or rare fish eggs until you have finished researching food and environment. You will also need to have the heater and aeration system in your tanks.

Fish Tycoon Screenshot

Author : Mike FishLore

Fish Tycoon Game Cheats, Comments and Tips

From: Tycoon Jim
Fish Tycoon game is really original. At first it seems kind of hokey with the whole idea of finding the seven secret species. I must say though that I did have much fun doing the cross-breeding in order to discover all the different possible species. Doing the research and running the fish store was a nice addition to this game as well. Since this game is in real time and may be slow for some folks, here is a cheat, so stop reading if you don't want to know this... You can do an alt + tab to minimize the game and set your computer's clock an hour forward to speed the game along. You can do this as many times as you want.

From: Lana
To grow your fish faster in Fish Tycoon, make your fish pregnant, go to your computer's time and change it forward then go back to the game and you will find your fish have grown in a couple of seconds instead of hours. It does really help speed the game along.

From: Yupeng Gao
Breed with thought, think about the fin, and the species. Example: spined and silky makes wasp, stickfish and carp make a grouper, so the spined and a silky carp will make the wasp grouper, a magic fish, or you can do it the other way around.

From: Withheld
SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you want to find the magic species on your own.

Oriental + greenfin = spined
Spined + gold = crimson
Wasp + spined = oriental
Golden + pink = canary
Greenfin + orange = spined
Silky + orange = pink
Orange + pink = wasp
Orange + spined = golden
Crimson + orange =oriental
Crimson + pink = canary
Greenfin + crimson = stubby
Golden + wasp = orange
Crimson + wasp = orange
Stubby + wasp = oriental
Stubby + golde = crimson
Stubby + orange = golden
Stubby + canary = golden
Greenfin + stubby = speckled
Stubby + oriental = crimson
Stubby + spined = spined
Stubby + pink = orange
Greenfin + speckled = razorback
Speckled + pink = oriental
Speckled + stubby = spined
Speckled + orange = crimson
Speckled + golden = spined
Speckled + wasp = golden
Razorback + oriental = spined
Razorback + golden = spined
Razorback + speckled = speckled
Razorback + stubby = speckled
Razorback + orange = crimson
Razorback + pink = oriental
Razorback + greenfin = razorback
Razorback + crimson = stubby
Razorback + wasp = golden
Razorback + spined = stubby
I hope it will help you alot, and can get some of the magic fish.

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