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Endless Ocean Game for Nintendo Wii

Endless Ocean Box

Dive. Discover. Dream.

That is the basic premise of Endless Ocean for the Nintendo Wii. The setting is Manoa Lai which is a fictional location where you are a marine scuba diver sent there to discover all the animals and secrets that Manoa Lai holds. When you start the game, you're immediately in tutorial mode where you learn the basic controls.

We have to state up front that Endless Ocean is not your normal game. The concept in Endless Ocean is exploration, discovery and learning. You use your wii remote to control everything from swimming, using the menu and options to taking pictures and using email. It takes about 10 minutes or so to get used to the controls and then after that it starts to get more fun.

While swimming in the waters of Manoa Lai you will see all sorts of really pretty scenes and areas. There are caves, sunken ships and many other treasures. Much of the game is open exploration where you can click on a fish and at first you know nothing about the animal. After interacting with it for a bit by touching or feeding it you discover information about the fish, such as it's name and some general information on it. It's pretty neat but sometimes unrealistic. You can even touch and feed the larger species such as hammerhead sharks. I don't think you'd be touching a shark in the ocean and then trying to feed it! Taking photos is also an option. There are a missions where you have to reply to emails with photos of certain species. If you don't have the photo you have to dive and take a photo of that species so you can complete that mission.

You'll see many species that are kept in saltwater aquariums such as the Emperor Angelfish, Yellow Tang, Green Chromis, Moorish Idol, Clownfish, etc. After you have "discovered" a species you will gain an entry in the encyclopedia that your friend Katherine is working on. You can view the encyclopedia when on the boat by entering the cabin.

The Boat

On board the boat in Endless Ocean you can walk around the deck using the B button. You can interact with animals such as penguins and sea lions that happen to be on board and you can interact with Katherine and view the contents of your foot locker. Once you've made friends with a dolphin you can visit the back of the boat to interact with the dolphin.

The Endless Ocean Cabin

From the Cabin you can save your game progress, set the game clock forward (day and night), view the encyclopedia, develop photos and view the photo album, view and reply to email, change diving gear and navigate the boat to various places around Manoa Lai. You'll be frequently going into the cabin to access these options.

The WFC Gate

There is a thing called the WFC gate. This is a Wi-Fi Connection that lets you visit a friend's boat and invite them to view yours. From here you can get your "friend code" and visit friends. To use this feature you must have a friend's code and they must have yours. You both must plug in each others friend code in the WFC area.

Once your friend is set up, you can visit each other in Endless Ocean and then dive together. Although we didn't try this feature, it does sound pretty cool.


Endless Ocean is all about exploring, discovering and learning. This is not a bang-em-up shoot-em-up kind of game and to be honest it's quite refreshing to play a game like this. You control the pace of the game by choosing when to respond to your email since this is where you get many of your missions. You'll soon learn the details of game play and will know when you should reply to email requests. These can be quite fun. Sometimes you'll get requests to be a guide for other divers and they will be looking for certain species. You'll then take them on a dive thinking to yourself that you know exactly where to find that fish only to discover that once you get there, the fish in question is nowhere to be found. Keep in mind that some species are nocturnal and some are not.

Endless Ocean is a neat game and unique. Fish Lore gives it 4 stars

Endless Ocean Screenshots

Endless Ocean Start Screen Katherine - shipmate Endless Ocean Cabin Options while diving Endless Ocean Touching Fish Encyclopedia of Ocean Life Email Interface Treasure you can discover

Endless Ocean Wii Game Features

Endless Ocean Game Comments

From: Sarah
I agree that Endless Ocean is definitely unique and it can be very fun once you get used to the game flow. I was bored and didn't like it so much at first but I really started focusing on the exploring and tryin to find all that I could and really started to enjoy this wii game. The music is very relaxing and kind of addictive in a weird way. Makes me want to go on vacation!

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