Updated August 13, 2019
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October 2007 Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners!

Current Fish and Aquarium Picture Winners

October 2007 - Fish of the Month
Winner: Harleygirlct
Fish Photo: Blue Ram Cichlid
Contest Photo:

Fish of the Month
Ram Cichlid

October 2007 - Aquarium of the Month
Winner: Legacy2005
Aquarium Photo: Temple of the Barbs - Freshwater Aquarium
Stats: 64 watt compact fluorescent (50 percent color max, 50 percent 6700k) co2 injection 56 bpm (on 24/7) (red sea kit w/ 15lb tank) eco complete and plain gravel substrate 1 rosette sword 2 bundles of Lilaeopsis mauritius 2 bundles of dwarf sagittaria 2 Broad leaf ludwiga 1 kleiner bar sword 1 Vallisneria nana 1 tropica sword
Contest Photo:

Aquarium of the Month
Temple of the Barbs Aquarium

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