Updated August 13, 2019
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September 2007 Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners!

Current Fish and Aquarium Picture Winners

September 2007 - Fish of the Month
Winner: Gozer_1
Fish Photo: Oscar - A nice view of my Oscar. He is very photogenic.
Contest Photo:

Fish of the Month
Oscar Fish

September 2007 - Aquarium of the Month
Winner: MrWaxhead
Aquarium Photo: Planted Aquarium - I am currently one month into a test on my 50 gallon planted tank. I have pretty much stopped ferts I only dose iron weekly and trace bi weekly. I am using fish bio load for my nitrates etc. to feed my plants. And I only do a 5 gallon water change weekly to try to keep a nutrient load in the tank. Tank is c02 enriched - 6.4 ph, 2.5 kh, 3.5 gh, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 to 10 nitrate
Contest Photo:

Aquarium of the Month
Planted Aquarium

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