Updated August 13, 2019
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June 2012 - Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners!

Current Fish and Aquarium Picture Winners

June 2012 - Fish of the Month
Winner: Oso
Fish Photo: My panda goldfish named Oso. Oso means bear in spanish
Contest Photo:

Fish of the Month
Panda Goldfish

June 2012 - Aquarium of the Month
Winner: lea
Aquarium Photo: A tank i recently did for a dentists office, simply planted with willow hygro, ludwigia repens for a brush of red, java fern and crypt lutens. Some great colourfully layered sedimentary stone and goldvine driftwood was used for hardscape. Livestock is all tiger barb varieties - 6 normal tiger barbs, 5 albino 'chilli' barbs, 5 moss green barbs, and an albino bristlenose which really stands out agains the dark substrate. Contest Photo:

Aquarium of the Month
Planted Tank

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