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February 2013 - Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners!

Current Fish and Aquarium Picture Winners

February 2013 - Fish of the Month
Winner: ximanamix
Fish Photo: My Percula Clownfish leaping out of water to feed
This is my Percula Clown leaping out to feed. Since I noticed that she gets her face out of water when I try to feed, I tried to make her leap more every day to feed. And she has learned this trick to leap higher and higher.
Contest Photo:

Fish of the Month
Percula Clown leaping out of water to feed

February 2013 - Aquarium of the Month
Winner: jwebbe
Aquarium Photo: My Asian inspired Fluval Edge 6.6 tank
Contest Photo:

Aquarium of the Month
Fluval Edge 6.6 Tank

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