Updated August 13, 2019
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February 2008 Fish and Aquarium Photo Contest Winners!

Current Fish and Aquarium Picture Winners

February 2008 - Fish of the Month
Winner: lalynya
Fish Photo: Ram Cichlid - Chief R.I.P. 2-10-08
Contest Photo:

Fish of the Month
Ram Cichlid

February 2008 - Aquarium of the Month
Winner: newtPuff
Aquarium Photo: Relics beneath the waters - This tank is a home to a bala shark, 2 honey gold gourami, 3 tiger barbs, 11 kuhli loach, 2 clown loach, 1 gold nugget pleco and 3 indian puffer.
Contest Photo:

Aquarium of the Month
Relics beneath the waters

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